Affordable setup for an Apple TV 2 and NAS configuration

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I am about to order my first ATV 2 (with an aTV flash) and wanted to keep my entertainment budget as low as possible. So I was thinking about getting a NAS with only 1 TB. It should stream movies with 780p (1080p) without problems. (Maybe this one: Synology DS110J). I dont know if I need a new router (I have a very basic one) for this. Price should be no more than 300$.


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I recently moved all my ISO’s to a 2TB Seagate GoFlex setup ($159 on NewEgg). I have a basic 10/100 router and it streams my DVD’s to my ATV2 without a hitch. Had some issues trying to do things on the ATV in wireless mode (routing problems) but when wired, it’s been just great.

Toyed around with doing something more sophisticated, but this has been a great budget solution for our house.

I just use WD Passport drives. Have them hooked up to my Airport Extreme Base Station with a USB Hub. Stream without a hitch via WiFi to the ATV 2 and our WDTV Live Plus via ethernet.

Hey Ed, Do you have more than one WD hooked to your Airport Extreme Base?  I do and I am having trouble seeing one of them.  Also do you have any issues with them going to sleep and you getting errors in Media Player?

My setup is 2-WD MyBook 3TB Hard Drives connected to my Airport Extreme Base.  I then have 3-ATV Black with aTV flash.  I am also hooking up one of the old Version-1 ATV’s since it is a portable unit to go in my motorhome when I travel.

I have up to 4 at a time. I use a basic self powered “laptop” USB Hub. I use the WD self powered drives, so they never go to sleep. Did you “name” each drive with a different name?

Yes I gave them each a different distinct name.   Maybe I need to check the energy saver options on the HD.

Since I use the “self powered” Passport Drives they don’t go to sleep.

I have a Maxtor hooked up to another Extreme in the house that I have setup as a “share” too. The first time I try to access it it always throws and error. I wait for the drive to start up and then access it a second time and all is good.

That’s exactly what mine does.  I guess that is the difference between the Passport and the MyBooks.  It doesn’t bother me but it bugs my wife.  Oh well!!

That’s why I finally settled on using the small passport drives. Always on.  :wink:

If you go with a separate router using external drives, here is my experience… I have the WD Elements drives here.  Two 2TB drives (w/USB Hub) plugged into the Airport Extreme Base Station.  My ATV2 connects as an AFP share via WiFi.  These drives are VERY aggressive about going to sleep and it is a constant source of annoyance using Media Player.  I believe Firecore increased the timeout but it is still not working well.  The symptoms are: the drive goes to sleep, then if I use the ATV2 and select the Media/Videos share it says ‘connecting’ then 5 seconds later pops up with an error.  I hit ‘menu’ button on the remote to get out of the error page, click on the Videos share again… .and error again.  I do this 4 or 5 times and finally it shows up and I can browse and play a video.  I suspect the first time I try it starts the drives waking up… .and it takes time to fully respond so that’s why on the 4th or 5th time it is successful.  When I get a chance I’ll jot down the error code and submit a bug report.  I can reproduce it 100% of the time.

So… long story short… hopefully the Media Player will improve on this timeout issue IF I’m correct about this issue (let us select a timeout?).  But you may want to get drives where you can control the timeout/sleep on them.  The WDs are cheap and high capacity though and have worked great otherwise (cool/quiet/no errors).

Brian, That is exactly what I have experienced.  I did some testing and if my laptop is open I will quickly access the NAS drives via my wifii to wake them up.  Then media player has no wait.  So that confirmed the wake-up issue.  

I have also noticed that as I select the drive and folders when each window first opens the default image will appear then it kind of moves and gets bigger after a few seconds.  That seems to indicate that it has contacted that level.  I can’t remember at what level it starts.  I think it begins at the first folder level after I contact the HD.

Love the drives, it is just the time out issue that is frustrating.

Could be that we just pick the “wrong” drives to use for the purpose. WD makes the “My Book Live” that would probably better serve the purpose.

Hey folks,

thanks for the advice up to now. I went to a local store to see check the prices of the WD MyBook. Well, I saw 3 different versions of which two r the same spec-wise (essential and Studio) and the other one was a WD MyBook Live. In case I wanted to have the same set up, which of the “2” versions do i need to pick? The Live version has the ability for a wireless stream, when connected to a router. So right now I’m also curious that if I bought a TV that has wlan ability, could I just buy the Mybook Live and get the same result as if I had ATV to stream my movies???



What about for us people that buy all our movies from iTunes, Will DRM movies work?? I think not since no one on the internet has figured this out, so looks like I actually have to buy a mac mini and turn it into a iTunes Server.

DRM protected movies don’t work. They have to run through iTunes. I’m hoping that the “cloud” will bypass this issue. If it does, then I will buy movies from Apple as long as I can do it through the ATV and not have to use my Mac.