SMB support please

Hi guys,

would be cool to add SMB support to aTV Flash ASAP.

Just having apples restricted AFP format supported is a REAL turn down.

And to use XBMC is not a real option cause i was able to do so before spending 20$ for the Beta.

So please add this basic feature soon, thx.


For the moment, nice piece of software you delivered, a little bit useless to me for the moment but t seems stable and looks like a bummer.

Keep up the good work (but maybe raise your feature update speed a little bit ^^ )

SMB support is one of the top features we're working to add.

It should be available soon, so hang in there.  :)

Great news, thx for the reply. Keep up the nice work! 

i am also would be very happy smb support would be added very soon

Is there some kind of "work around" for NAS running SMB until this update arrives or is it correct that until then the ATV Flash software is more or less "useless" as long as you have all your media files on that NAS? I'm just wondering cause in the end only XBMC seem to recognize my NAS, or is there some kind of plugin for xbmc? I am a little bit confused.


Please add SMB asap


Apple TV doesnt do much for me without as all my media is neatly organized on my NAS (waiting to be accessed)