NAS Movies from Synology DS to ATV2 without Mac?


Is it possible to stream movies from my synology DS110j to my apple tv2 with xmbc or something else without  running mac?


I hope you could help me


It is possible, I am doing this right now. 

1. Install xbmc for ATV2

2. Add a new network source in xbmc (Use the ip address of your NAS and use SMB as protocol)

3. Add a new video folder




I add in settings my nas with smb and ip.   What have i now to do?

I thought you needed a machine running iTunes between the nas and apple tv2 to make this work? Please provide some thoughts…I’m going to get a nas and wanted to do this setup! Thanks

dont´need a machine running.


In only need the information how it works with the nas

I have 2 NAS devices set up at my house now. 1 2TB USB Drive connected to my router, and a machine running FreeNAS (Extra machine). I can see them both via SMB in XBMC on the atv2. Movies, music, you name it plays fine

zagurim-  Have you tried using that via remote wifi, or just over your local network?

If i have a Nas with say,200gb of Music Files attached, will i Be able to Search for Files like i can in iTunes?
Is there a Way to browse through Files in a Way that i could linke in iTunes? Or like i can on the original atv2 menu under “Computer” when i browse through the iTunes Library on my attached Mac?

By remote I assume you mean if I am out on the road away from home? If that is the case, then no, because most people have pretty limited upstream/outbound bandwidth. For instance my ISP (whom I used to work for) has 10Mbit down, but only .5Mbit up. While I could connect from a remote location, streaming would be terrible at that slow rate