Problem with movie IMDB ID tag

Hi James, new Infuse user. This issue doesn’t seem to work properly. In my NAS, I have a file named “The Way (2016) {imdb-tt6216234}.mp4”. That file is being picked up by Infuse as “A Million Ways to Die in the West”. I have double checked the IMDB number, and it is correct, so something isn’t quite right. Note that for my files, at the moment I’m just storing each movie file in a single folder, not using subfolders, and most of them are mkv files. This mp4 file is an odd man out, and for some reason Infuse isn’t using the movie ID tag in the filename, even though it’s the correct one. Can someone have a look, see if this is a bug with the new feature?

I don’t think the movie “The Way 2016” has been entered in TMDB yet because I can’t seem to find it there. As to why it’s picking out A million ways to die in the west… No clue as to why it’s defaulting to that one but funny thing is if you search for “The Way y:2016” on TMDB it does come back with “A Million Ways to Die in the West” as the first selection in the search results. :man_shrugging:

The movie you’re looking for may have to be entered in TMDB.

If Infuse can’t find an exact match using the ID it will fallback to using the title (and year, if present).

Just seems odd that when you specify the title as “The Way” and using TMDB’s own year identifier of “y:2016” it comes back with “A Million Ways to Die in the West” with a year of 2014 when there are several movies named exactly “The Way” but also a two year difference of 2018 dates.

Edit to clarify, this is using the TMDB website search, not the one in Infuse. I was just trying to locate the desired movie there.

Yeah I can’t explain why TMDB is giving the result that it is, but just the logic behind what Infuse does if it can’t find a match with the ID.

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Have you tried including the IMDB-id in the folder name as well?

If the movie isn’t entered on TMDB it won’t matter. :wink:

Oh, yeah. :man_facepalming:t2:
(I’ve gotta get some decent sleep.)

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Thanks for the quick replies on this everyone. I’ll see what I can do about getting that added to TMDB.

One follow-up question though: Why does the movie have to be in TMDB? If I’m able to provide a valid imdb identifier, and if the movie is in IMDB, why isn’t that sufficient?

Infuse uses TMDB for all movies and TV show data. IMDb IDs are referenced on that site so Infuse can use either ID, but the actual data will always come from TMDB.

Also, it looks like that title was added to TMDB earlier today so it should be available to Infuse within about 24hrs.

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Thanks for that extra info about how Infuse looks up movie/show metadata, good to know.

I updated that title in TMDB as well, and pulled it’s id instead of the one from imdb into my filename, and that fixed my issue.


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