Is there a unique identifier for media files?

Hi community,

I using Infuse since a while but couldn’t find a proper behaviour.
In the nut shell, I’m searching for a unique identifier for movies/tv shows that is still being picked up by the metadata logic in Infuse.

My main issue (and I guess many might have it) is the fussy logic how to find movies in TMDB. One good example is the movie 1984 (1984) with John Hurt. On a fresh search/metadata-update in Infuse I’m getting many matches.
I tried to name my media files with TMDBid (like: 9314.mkv) or IMDBid (tt0087803.mkv) while the TITLE field within the MKV is empty, but they were not regognized. Or do I need to tag the TMDBid into the mkv file as a global tag?

Is there a recommended way to uniquely tag media files, so the metadata update would explicitly work in Infuse? With no manual efford?

Hopefully someone can help me and point me to the right way.

If I understand correctly you’re looking for the best way to name your files so Infuse will automatically get the correct metadata and artwork for your files?

If so, this users guide will give you the basics and if you have other problems after this you can post specific individual files and we’ll see what we can do to help you find the names.

Also once you get the file names close so Infuse recognizes them as the proper type (either movie or TV show) you can manually search TMDB for the correct match following this users guide.

Thank you for your reply.
Actually I have been reading those guides already very carfully but they don’t tell me how to uniquely name my files so there is no doubt for Infuse metadata logic to pick up the right movie.

Maybe a feature idea would be to place (somehow) the TMDBid or IMDBid into the file name, so Infuse can find the movie properly. Or even better: using the global tags within MKV to place the TMDBid and search by it.

What do you think?

Using the naming structure with the year that is described in the users guide will get a very high percentage of the files matched without having to edit the metadata but there are occasional instances where you do have to fine tune things.

There’s a currently running thread in the suggestions area requesting this function that you can add your support to here.

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As a side note, you might want to try “Nineteen Eighty-Four (1984).mkv” for a title on the movie.

Looking at TMDB listing will often give clues as to how to name the titles that don’t work right with the metadata searching.

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The problem is that’s the original title but not my countries language title. And if I’m using original titles I will end up in file name issues as there are also movie titles from countries like sounth korea, thailand and all non latin character countries. Tha would simply not work.

I guess it would be very wise to consider a way of letting Infuse understand pure identifiers like TMDB id or IMDB id. And even the lookup would be much faster as no fussy logic need to assume the tilte.

I will add my support for the .nfo stored IDs but must confess, would rather like JSON to store data beside. But well, if there are already some standards out there like Plex and Kodi it would be good to let Infuse understand them.

Thanks for your help anyway!


If that’s an issue then you may also consider joining TMDB and adding the correct names in your preferred language. Since it user supported you’d not only be helping yourself, you’d be helping everyone using that specific lanugage.

The title isn’t wrong in TMDB. It’s simply not the same in US English release.

Have you tried .nro file with the movie?

Nintendo Switch Executable file?
Probably not.
What’s a .nro file?