TMDB/IMDb Movie ID Support

Both Kodi and Plex will scan for the IMDb ID (i.e. tt0000001) in the movie.nfo file if it exists within the same folder as the movie file, which is then used to properly identify the movie with TMDb. This is extremely useful for large movie collections to guarantee accuracy of the library scanner and is the one feature missing before I can consider Infuse as a viable option for my needs.



I second this request - an easy way to guarantee correct identification with difficult files. Thanks.


Hello all,

I have two questions:

  1. Is it possible to put an nfo file or an xml file into the folder of each TV show and/or movie with the corresponding TheTVDB / TheMovieDB URL - so that Infuse simply looks at that URL instead of executing its own search on these websites? If so, how?
  2. Is it possible to point certain TV shows / movies to grab a different language from TheTVDB / TheMovieDB - other than the one set in Settings? If so, how?

Thank you for your help and huge thanks to the Infuse team! One of the best subscriptions I ever have.


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  1. Unfortunately you won’t be able to point Infuse at a TMDb/TVDb title through the use of XML files, but you can use the Edit option in Infuse to search either of these databases and select a title manually. More info on this can be found here.

  2. This isn’t officially supported, but one way to get the desired result would be to set the language in Settings to the language that you want to have for most of your content, and let Infuse fetch info for everything. Once this is done, you can go back and adjust this setting to a different language, and use the Edit option on the titles you wish to have metadata for in this new language. This can be repeated for languages 3, 4, etc…

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Thank you @James,

While I am not “too” concerned about #2, I think implementing #1 would certainly solve many scraping related concerns here. Or, alternatively, enabling a feature so that entering the TMDb / TVDb ID of the item in the search box would show the exact film / series I am looking for. There has been some occasions that despite using the exact name based on what’s on TMDb, Infuse fails to find the correct item.

Thanks again :slight_smile:


One thing you can try that is very effective in getting Infuse to find the correct match, is adding the year to the filename.

For example.

“Mad_Max.mp4” would give you the original film from 1979. However, “Mad_Max_2015.mp4” would give you the new 2015 Mad Max: Fury Road film.

Hi. Even this thread is bit older, I have a question in addition to brightonguy‘s #1:
Is it possible to append the unique(?) TMDB‘s movie id to a movie‘s filename?
So Infuse could fetch metadata directly out of TMDB - manual corrections wouldn‘t be neccessary anymore and you don‘t have to worry about.


I must give a big +1 to this request.
We should be able to browse by title, like now, OR enter a specific ID so it would directly catch the correct movie / show.

Plus, it’s easier to type some numbers instead of some long titles.

C’mon firecore, it’s WAY TOO EASY to dev this and add this feature.

Please, make your paying clients happy.

Thank you

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Since Infuse reads the data contained in nfo files, it would be great if you read thetvdb / themoviedb ids and use them to match the file, instead of searching in thetvdb/themoviedb.

I have the same request.
Sometimes the search in app can not give exact result.
For example, The Kite (TV Series 2017- ) — The Movie Database (TMDB)
this tv series, not matter using key word “the kite” “kite” or “风筝”(chinese name), there is no exact result.

by the way, this meida is recoginzed well in nPlayer app, using tmdb.

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First, Infuse doesn’t use tmdb for TV shows, it uses thetvdb and it doesn’t appear that thetvdb has an entry for this particular show. The good thing is that you can join thetvdb and help add the show to their database and support their site. Then you’ll have it available for your library and others will too.

Maybe somewhere down the line Infuse will have the ability to user either service for either type of file (TV or Movie) but for now it’s an easy thing to do. Join the sites and add your own data.

+1 to proposal to have infuse reading TMDB or TVDB ID for a correct matching, could be on .nfo file or better, into the specific Filename (that way we can forget about having .nfo files)

For example

Alien (1978) [TMDB 348].mkv

It’s a good idea to maybe read it in the filename, but IMO it would be also great to have the option in the search box.

When you want to search the movie / show, add an option to search by writing the name ( existing feature ) OR by writing the ID so it will be precise.

So many times I can’t find the show by searching by name, but the show exists in the tvdb database.

Please, let us have a cool ID prompt in the metadata edition.

EX: I cant find ‘Hunter X Hunter 2011’ by writing the name in the search box. So I could instead write ‘TVDB252322’ ( see attached pic )

So it would directly find this:

Dear Support,

what‘s going on?

Any hope for us users to get any kind of response?

Is this request on roadmap or not?


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for mkv it would be great (ie not “polluting” the filename) to have it as a “url nfo” (Video file tagging - Official Kodi Wiki) IOW embedded (attached) xml file that just contains a link to the tvdb url, or contains the correct tvdb ID for the file. far superior to navigating the slow UI and having to re-do it all over again later.

Dear Support,

any news about that?

How about fetching from TMDB by the file name‘s appended TMDB ID?

„American Gangster (2007) [4982].mkv“


You can see what upcoming features are in the works here

Thank you for your fast reply.

Nice to to see what great stuff you do have on your roadmap, but that’s actually no answer to my question.


If implemented in Infuse, it would probably make sense to use the same naming-scheme that Plex already uses for this: curly braces with a prefix – see here

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Hi, i have the same “simple” request.

For example, I have a movie called “Flashback”, released in 2021 (Flashback - and Infuse keep matching it with a wrong entry (Flashback -

I understand that Infuse can’t guess which one is the good one, but just naming my file as the TVDB ID would be so perfect for me.

I can manually correct with the Edit function but I have to have a perfect match as my server is used by many many clients, and can’t “edit manually” on all the clients.
Today, when it occurs, I have to manually put a JPG & XML.

Hope this feature will be implemented to this amazing app, that I use since the beginning, and I promote this app to many many friends :wink: