Infuse 7.6.6 now available

Happy 2024! :tada:

Infuse 7.6.6 is now available!



  • Fixed delays in Trakt sync
  • Other minor fixes and improvements

You can now include the TMDB or IMDb ID number in movie filenames (in curly brackets) to allow Infuse to find an exact match. Use a structure of {[source]-[id]}.

Inception {tmdb-27205}.mkv
Inception {imdb-tt1375666}.mkv

Learn more about the recommended naming styles for movies and TV shows here.


Is this for TV shows or just movies?

This update adds support for movies only.

TV show handling is quite a bit more complex, and from what we can see the use case is much more limited since there are far fewer overlapping TV titles compared to movies.

TV show support could come in the future (perhaps at the same time as NFO support) but for now we’ve decided to redirect that effort to other areas.

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Does this work wit TVDB? I have, for example, One Piece (anime) with proper naming and only the first season shows with the episode details. The rest is just generic. I’m following the TVDB order. Unfortunately TMDB is not up to date on some anime shows currently playing in Japan for example.
This show “Boku no Kokoro no Yabai Yatsu” in TMDB and Trakt is up to season 1, but on TVDB is on S2 already.

Infuse only uses TMDB for metadata now.