Problem playing content with Plex on Infuse

I just connected my Plex account with Infuse. The content is showing but I’m having trouble playing some shows on data. On WiFi it is working but when I try with my cell service it say an error occurred while loading content. For some shows it works but for some it does not. I really want to upgrade to Infuse Pro but I want to be able to remotely access content with my data. Please help me.

If you’re having trouble with remote streaming, one thing to check would be your upload bandwidth settings in Plex.

Infuse will currently direct play everything, so having an upload limit below the level of the video you are trying to play can cause issues.

We’re planning to add some smart transcoding options in an upcoming version that will allow for some more flexible remote streaming capabilities, so stay tuned. :slight_smile:

Thanks I increased the bandwidth upload and it starting working. I’ll be sure to upgrade to Pro now. Thanks for the prompt reply.