Plex Issues

Since the newest update, 6.2.6, I’ve had issues getting Infuse to access Plex folders. The wheel spins and spins and spins. I was getting things to work by restarting the Infuse app, but then that stopped working. Then I started rebooting the ATV, but now that’s stopped working. It’s pretty random when it will start working. Then when it does work I have to deal with buffering. The speedtest shows that I have sufficient speeds. I’ve tried pausing the show or movie and letting Infuse cache the program, but even with the program cached, things still don’t play. The wheel just spins and spins. I’ll go to the Plex app and things will play without issue, but I can’t play 4K content on Plex reliably. Though, as of now, I can’t play anything on Infuse reliably. This was an issue before the last update, but it’s gotten so much worse since this newest update.

Sorry for the trouble.

We’re looking into a few reports of issues like this, and have a few improvements in progress which we think will help.

Cool. Thanks for the update.

A few improvements and fixes in this area are available in today’s 6.3 update.

Please let us know if you continue to see any issues.