Infuse + Remote Plex

Can’t seem to find a lot on this, but recently discovered infuse. Works flawlessly locally around the house, but when I try to play something either on a different network (Apple TV) or 4g (iPhone X) I get an error.

An error occurred
And error occurred loading this content.

Any insight on what this might be. The strangest part is sometimes it’ll load like season 6 episode 1 of a tv show but not season 1 episode 1.

Welcome to the forum, and sorry for the trouble.

We’re working to resolve a few issues with remote streaming, and plan to have a handful of fixes available in the upcoming 5.7.4 update which is due out soon. There’s a good chance this update may help resolve what is going on in your case.

5.7.4 is now available, so please give it a try and let us know if you have any further trouble.

Thanks for your patience. :slight_smile:

Hi James, just tried on iPhone X over LTE (Verizon) and still doesn’t work. I’ll gladly upload the crash log if you would like if that could help. I’ll try the Apple TV over WiFi using the remote plex server later today and comment back results.

Same problem for me - on Ipad air2 and Iphone 6s.
When trying to stream from my plex server I get an Error - unable to load this content.
IOS 11.3.1
Infuse Pro 5.7.4

Can you try using the ‘Connect to Plex’ option to re-authenticate with Plex?

This won’t affect your saved share or other settings, but earlier versions of Infuse were not caching a few relevant details which can impact remote streaming in a few cases. Re-connecting with Plex will ensure these extra details are cached correctly.

Still same problem. I even deleted Infuse and re-installed it and it didn’t resolve the problem.
The plex native app works without any problems.

Would you mind sending in a report and opening a support ticket so we can look further into your particular case?

Sent now. Thanks

Still having the same issues when using plex remote on iPhone over LTE. Pretty much instantly errors out when trying to play anything. Reconnected plex and even redownloaded app and connected.

Ticket: 104737
Tech details: Y04ER

Still happening for me…in network flawless… as soon i go outside network error occurred loading this content even when Plex functions just fine, albeit with transcoding.

Can you try adjusting the ‘Limit remote stream bitrate’ option in Plex as described here to see if that makes any difference?

Hi James, so i have it set to Original (No Limit)… as the whole idea is not not have to transcode. In addition, I can stream on LTE with the Plex app set to highest setting (original). In this instance the Plex server Direct Streams the HEVC content to my iphone without issue. In fact, the transcoding is throttled so it’s not even stressing the server as it is just changing the container. As such, i really tend to believe it is not a bandwidth issue - with Plex anyway.

Thanks for the reply.