I just updated atv2 to 5.0.1 with season pass, then did flash black, everything went fine except for plex, it is not working, am i missing something? Thanks 

Same here plex is dead for me  WOW what an unhealthy upgrade the shit is half bake 

Plex works here. The installation went the usual way. After installing I had some problems finding plex media server on my iMac but after a few tries everything seems fine. 

I was having issues as well yesterday. I managed to connect by changing something in Plex Media Server on my Mac.

Go to Plex Media Server and nav to myPlex. Log in of course. Under that theres a box saying Publish server to myPlex. It will give you a i.p. address. From there I went into my ATV and created a new server with a Name, Password and that i.p.  Seemed to do the trick.

Thanks for your help,it just started working after awhile, it seems a little buggy, but it’s working.

I suggest discussing here:

Agreed that would be the ideal place to directly ask questions, but in the main section header it does state “Discuss XBMC, Plex, and other 3rd party plugins” :slight_smile:

Plex works like a charm for me…on Apple TV 2 and the lastest release


Hi all, Plex server is working for me now but it’s weird, i have to double click plex on ATV to go to plex, and then it takes me to server list, which has never happened before, my living room ATV shows up twice, one is null, the other displays my content. It just seems buggy, will try ATV Flash black 1.6 tonight and report back, i haven’t had a chance yet.

Correct however if you have issues with it not working on the latest iOS version who better to ask then the group who developed it?

Also they just released a beta version today:


The Plex Client 0.10 on atv2 seems not to support iOS 5.1.1

Uninstalled Plex server, then reinstalled Version, restarted router, everything seems a lot better now, everything works, the only weird thing is i still get two entries for Living room ATV in server list, one has nothing, the other has my media, and it changes when ATV is off for awhile, next time just one entry that works, the next time two entries as i stated.