Getting Plex Up and Running

Hello Gang.  Having trouble getting Plex up and running on my newly jailbroken AppleTV 2.  

Ran season pass, installed aTV Flash - black, installed the Plex client on the AppleTV2, and installed the server Plex server on the iMac.

Told the server where the movies were, all that. 

But I just don’t see anything when I go to the AppleTV2’s menus… 


Does Plex have a menu?  How do I access my movies stored on my iMac (or external HD connected to AppleTV2).

I can’t figure it out. 


Thanks for any help.  

I believe that the Plex client is broken on the latest firmware (iOS4.3) release for the ATV2.   You should probably visit the Plex user forums for more information.