Password Entry during Building of USB Drive

Can someone please tell me what password I’m supposed to use when loading the software to the USB drive. I used the PW of my Mac and NO GOOD.

Thanks! :frowning:

It is the password of your Mac. However, you must run the installer as an Admin user, and you must have a password assigned to the account. In other words, the password cannot be blank.

Thanks for the reply, but I am logged in as an Admin and I even tried creating another Admin account and both accounts have passwords. Is there a certain folder or directory I need to run it from?


Are you getting an error?

The error says: Unable to change file ownership. Please ensure you have typed the correct password.

Yes, make sure you have entered the correct password. Is your caps lock on by chance?

It won’t take it no matter what I do and unfortunately this is the only Mac that I have access to.

Is there a way to bypass the PW or is there a generic PW I can use?


What operating system are you using?

It requires your password because it needs to verify/change the permissions of the flash drive.

I have Tiger for my OS.

I’m not sure what actually go it to go but I’m good now.

Thank you for your help, do you have any news on when you’ll have it working again?


Hopefully very soon. No exact date yet.