Stuck at Transfer Files Screen

Installation is asking to Specify password for remote host... I've tried all the passwords I can think of but none are letting me continue with the transfer file process...

'alpine' is the default password unless you changed it. Then it is whatever you changed it to.

That didn't seem to work. I even went as far as reseting my apple tv... still getting stuck on the password screen. Any other suggestions?

i am stuck at the same point ;( just trying to install the software on appletv...

Use terminal to SSH into your AppleTV and make sure you can get into the box yourself via terminal. If you can't, then this app won't be able to either.

If you can get in, make sure you have changed both the root password and the mobile password.

to change root: 'passwd'

to change mobile: 'passwd mobile'


Same here, stuck at password....

Same problem with the password. After 2 hours trying some stupid think, i restored but nothing change. Just give us the .deb. i'll install it with apt-get command

Which version of AppleTV software do you currently have installed? Current version info can be found in the Settings --> General --> About menu.

I have 4.1

Unfortunately 4.1 is not yet supported. We're working to add support, and plan to have an updated beta soon.

Can we roll back to the previous?

Unfortunately not - once you upgrade you're stuck. Sorry. :-(

Same here. I have 4.0

I have 4.0, just restored it as it killed my nitoTV and grooveshark and all I had installed. passwd root and mobile and still gets stuck at transfer file. any suggestions?

an alternative


Same issue for me.  2 things:  1) would be helpful if you indicated which versions were supported prior to allowing people to purchase and 2) when do you think you will have a new version of the beta that will work with 4.1?

i followed the instructions listed here:

i used cyberduck to transfer the 4 files needed, then terminal to install them each. killall Lowtide to respring it and i had my new menu available. the instructions are the way to go for now!


If you're having trouble with the standard installer please visit submit beta feedback via our contact form here. This will help us resolve any issues in the next beta.

Please include the following with your email.

1. Your current AppleTV software version (check in Settings > General > About).

2. Version of OSX and iTunes you are using.

3. Date your AppleTV was jailbroken.

4. App used to jailbreak (Pwnage tool or Redsnow)

5. Was your AppleTV password changed when jailbreaking? (default password is alpine)

6. Any other 3rd party software installed?

7. AppleTV network type (wired or wireless).

8. Anything else you think may be relevant.