No PIP on iPad (iOS 11 beta)

Can’t seem to see the option for PIP anymore? Split screen still works.

What type of videos?

PiP support for HEVC (h.265) videos will be available in an upcoming version.

There is no PiP any video file MKV/h.264, etc.

Which device are you using?

Are you using Infuse 5, or the older v4?

I’m using the latest infuse pro 5.5.2 and iOS 11 public beta 5.

Further investigationM
HEVC (BD) - PiP available
H264 (mkv) - PiP available
ISO file (music DVDs) - no PiP
MPEG4 (avi) - no PiP

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Why hasn’t this been addressed yet? It’s November, why are some older formats still not supported for PiP?

Because Apple do not allow PIP unless the application is using Apples playback engines … which means the formats not supported by Apple cannot use PIP.

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Correct. Right now PiP is limited to h.264 and h.265 based videos.

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