iTunes streaming issue

Since i installed ATV Flash 2.0 i have issues streaming my iTunes Library from my iMac to my ATV2.
After a few minutes ithe music stops and a message says: “Error loading content, please try again later”.

If i restore my ATV to default settings (no jailbreak), i can play hours by hours over WIFI to my ATV.

If i use Airplay from my iMac to the ATV (if it´s jailbroken) it works better, but sometimes my ATV shuts down and restarts again.

If i use Plex, to play my content over wifi from my imac to my ATV, i have no issues.
But if i want to use the itunes Library from my iMac with plex, plex is not able to play. Same error message like with home sharing.

If i used the ATV Flash Version 1.7 i didn´t have these probs.


So what can i do ?
Any advices how to fix that problem ?
Is that problem known by Firecore or other Users ?

Please help me.

Greets from Germany.


I’m experiencing the same problem. I thought it was just me. Not only on iTunes PC Library or iPhone over AirPlay, I have iTunes Match and every 3 or 4 songs I got an error message then, the Apple TV relaunches itself like it’s out of memory.

I don’t know what causes it. I restored to the latest jailbreakable version with the latest Seas0nPass and latest FireCore Maintenance and Media Player.

Yeah +1!

Same exact issue. Just started having this problem very recently. It will play 1.8 songs and then reboot or display error message.


Is there any fix for this. I definitely know that is bugging with atvflash. I have logged in the file with apple.

Same exact problem for me…happened several weeks ago, after last ATVflash update…tried to reset, reinstall…no solution. Without atvflash everything works fine.





Hi guys,


same issue at mine - while playback from mac via itunes ATV(2) crahses and immediately restarts. Sometimes it takes 2 songs and than works fine, sometimes it crashes every now and than

I have been having this issue as well. When listening to music via Homesharing or iTunes match I get either the error message or a complete reboot of the device after one, or if I’m lucky a few, songs. Everything’s up to date on the machines and it’s only been a problem for the past little while, presumably since updating. Not at all jazzed about it, literally.

I too am experiencing this and the other bug of media pler stating low memory and stopping playback at random times.

Are they going to do someting about there are no responding to our isseus and problems this is now a week a go. I can not listening music !

Im very unhappy, Firecore don´t give us any notification yet. I also submitted a request to Firecore, but no reply yet !!
What´s going on ? Is anybody working on that issue from Firecore ?
They don´t care ?
30 bucks for a software, that cannot handle the default ATV functions ?
That sucks !!!  :frowning:

My personal solution:
I use the “Remote App” on my iPhone/iPad and connect to my iTunes-Library on my iMac and stream over AirPlay.
i change the Audio-Output (Airplay) inside the App (Not the global Audio-Output from my iPhone/iPad) from Computer to AppleTV.
Now i can listen to my music and the ATV get´s no “Loading Content Error” and don´t shuts down directly.

This is the only way to listen to my Music on the AppleTV at the moment.
Hope to get an update from Firecore !!! C´mon guys !!!

It is quite sad that for a paid application, the reactivity about a major issue is so slow.

Please let us downgrade if possible.

The best way to draw attention to this issue is probably to submit a bug report. The following link has information on how to do this:

Exactly the same problem here, iTunes match is constantly stopping and Apple TV reboots itself.

Come on guys, what’s the problem?

Same problem (also german user) including a lot of restarts. As far as I know there is a new iOS version for apple TV out (based on iOS 6). I’m going to downgrade now and remove the jailbreak.

I have 2 ongoing reports, one on the subject.

No answer yet…



I’m waiting too…

Same problem and waiting for the solution. I’m even thinking about resetting the whole thing and going back to the standard and get rid off ATV Flash.

Gr. Eric

Strange … No reaction from firecore.

The same problem after the last update. No reaction from firecore!
The bug is really critical. Please fix it Firecore! Or give us the possibility to downgrade. Even apple do so!

I have pm the guys because this is unacceptable.