Apple TV keeps disconnecting in iTunes

I picked up ATV Flash a few days back (running 3.2.2). Managed to watch avi files both from ATV and thru a hard drive after enabling USB. Issue that has cropped up is with streaming content from my Time Capsule via my iTunes library. Problem is that Apple TV continually keeps disconnecting from iTunes (I have experienced this only after loading ATV Flash). I was watching a concert and it abruptly halts as Apple TV gets disconnected in iTunes. Have others seen this problem and if they have is there a remedy? Is this an issue with 3.3.2? Any help would be much appreciated.

Did you happen to select the Media Cloud plugin during installation? Some users have reported similar issues that are related to this plugin.

No. I did not install Media Cloud during installation. The problem however seems to have gone away and it could have been an instance of having issues with one particular file alone. Overall operations are somewhat sluggish relative to before but I can live with this given how many more formats I can play.

I am using windows XP and have been unable at all to get itunes to recognize my ATV which came pre installed on a 250gb drive. My ATV can connect with the I-Tunes store and i am able to download content as well I can FTP to my ATV and drop movies and watch them however ATV will not show up under devices in I-tunes. I have tried using different computers on my network , have re installed i-tunes, I have checked my router made sure ports were open i have checked my fire wall settings to make sure i-tunes was not being blocked.

When you talk about installing the media cloud plug in is there a way to un install this?
Can you assist as with out being able to connect to i-tunes is a real bummer

I meant also to add what happens if i do a factory restore as I purchased the 250 GB ATV which came pre installed.
I have been reluctant to do this so far as I guess it will scrub the files you pre- installed on my drive and I don’t want to fork out another additional $50
1 x Apple TV - 250GB (NEW)

  • aTV Flash Pre-Installed: YES

Can you assist ?

Latest my ATV froze on the menu selection, restarted many times, same problem able to press Menu then - key to run a diagnosis however result ok. Left ATV unplugged overnight same problem when power connected ATV would freeze on Menu. Did a Factory Reset ATV will now work all though now I have no ATV Flash and am unable to reinstall as it came bundled with the ATV. No response from Apple Core all though to be fair response time does say 2 days when you generate a ticket.

Thought the problem with i-tunes not showing my ATV as a device may be my router/ADSL modem so purchased a new one, tried a different brand , did not work so settled for a Linksys WAG160N still ATV will not show up as a device in itunes

Back to trawling the web

Do the ATV Flash guys have a customer service because my experience has not been a good one
Can you guys please get back to me to save posting on line

Tried to post on the review page my Experience which i would rate as a 1 Star BAD
however review requires approval before posting …

OK managed to sought it out . Ran port scan showed that port 5353 was blocked (required by Bonjour) as well as port 3689 both need to be open. Windows being windows all ready told me that Bonjour was allowed access as well as i-tunes ( under windows fire wall) how ever the scan was showing that both these ports were blocked.

Once these ports were un blocked ATV showed up in i-tunes. Got a bum steer from windows when it was saying that permission had been given to Bonjour and I-tunes to access the system and it was really throwing me as i turned off all my firewalls but after running port scan it was clear that was my problem

Now if only customer service would answer my emails …