Is it possessed and do I need an exorcist ? AppleTV2, FireCore, Unblock-us, Netflix, Rebooting

I bought an apple tv 2 for my dad. I installed the products from fire core, I also got a DNS from unblock-us, so he could get Netflix. What has happened the last two weeks is that the apple tv 2 gone crazy. It keeps rebooting it self all the time. And everytime it start with the Norwegian Apple TV 2 access screen before it switches the the US and then finally dies, to start all over again. Its gone crazy. I am not very technically gifted, so all help is accepted with eternal thanks. 


It seems like that the problem errupts everytime I open up Netflix !!

Can you try removing the unblock-us dns info to see if that cures the issue?

Mine have the same issue. But once I remove the unblock dns it went back to normal. So what I did was every time I did a hard rebOot, I need to be very quick to get the browser to load the unblock website and dO a check. That always fix it. I’m sure is the DNS issue. Can this be fixed permanently?

Yep, I can do that. But then a lot of the advantages will be gone, like accessing Netflix. I will give it a try on Saturday anyway. 

Hi Pouria. Another thing that I notice is that u can use ur computer and do a check on the unblock us website. After the check u will see that the atv2 wil be stable again.

This problem with unblock-us is really frustrating me :(  I used to have no problems with it earlier but now Apple TV2 restarts all the time. Have to look for an alternative. Please guys let me know if there are any worthwhile replacement.



It’s working fine for my ATV2


hmm… will check it.

But tell me how does it work ?

This has happened to me in the past, and it was because Unblock-us occasionally updates the DNS you have to use.  I just updated the DNS and things were fine.


I can tell you that there is no a general issue with Unblock Us,  and the ATV2 or Firecore though.   I have been using them together with no issues for a long time.

I had the same issue. Was away for 2 weeks with my mac, and when i got home none of my 2 apple tis worked (i.e. rebooting constantly) Logged on unblock-us and checked service, problem solved 8)


Ya, Unblockus is great, but it does require checking on it once in awhile.

Hey. Thanks for all the replies. I installed everything all over, changed the DNS and now it works fine. I am not sure what the problem was, but now its gone. 

Try unotelly rather than any other VPN. Its DNS based, offer better services with add on channels than others. Check there trial offer. I am sure you will like it. Highly recommended.