vpn & apple tv 2?


I searched a lot but wash´t able to find a information how to use a vpn with the atv flash. Right now I use hide my ass vpn service to on my iPad 2 to watch netflix with airplay on my apple tv. My aim is it to watch it right on the atv.

Are there any solutions for that?

cheers, Marcus

I have not seen any mention of a VPN capability for the ATV2 that is currently available.  It is frequently requested so hopefully at some point it will appear.

hello itimpi,

thanks for your reply. Hopefully there will be a solution soon. I guess a lot of users outside of the us are waiting for that.


cheers, Marcus

You can do what you’re trying to do just by using DNS. I use Unblock US to create a US DNS in my ATV and I am able to use my Netflix account to access all the American content.

Check this page out - it has all the info you need to set it up on your ATV. I did find it a little temperamental at first but found if I was signed into UK Netflix before I changed the DNS after I made all these changes everything worked fine. So now I have two ATVs - one configured with US Netflix and one with UK Netflix. Best of all worlds and it’s awesome!

Should add that I needed to sign up for free trial on Unblock US and activate on my Mac before it all started working. Also, because all you’re doing is changing DNS, you still have a UK IP address so things like BBC iPlayer still work fine in Couch Surfer.


Hope that helps!


hello Jon,

thank you for sharing that link. I just followed the instruction and it worked. I was even cooking besides that. Works fine!

cheers, Marcus

You’re welcome. Glad it worked. Have read somewhere that you don’t need to subscribe for it to stay working on ATV but I never tested that and subscribed since it was only £3 a month.

thanks for that info. It is a good service and 3 GBP is a bargain to taste commercial free tv

I have to chime in here - I travel all over the world and am frequently at a loss for access to my favorite web watching - particularly netflix, hbogo, etc - everything that blocks content freely available in the US and your home country while you’re traveling. I can attest to the awesomeness of services like unblock-us.com

I live in Germany. Would this work to allow access to BBC iPlayer, etc from here ? I am thinking of using it with XBMC or Plex plug-ins. Is this likely to work, or would it need a VPN Client update for ATV2 to be possible. Thanks for any info.

Don’t think you could get iPlayer working without VPN because BBC needs you to have a UK IP address so don’t think DNS trickery is going to work for you I’m afraid.




Thank you for the link. Took me 5 minutes to set up. Works perfectly.


Actually iPlayer works perfectly with DNS trickery! Also works for services in Canada and Australia.

If I set up a Netflix account in Ireland, how do I set up my Apple TV in Saudi to enable me to access it. I would also like to access BBC iPlayer.

I’m extremely interested. My ATV2 is already using a US iTunes account. To enable Netflix it would be sufficient to subscribe to this service for 5$/month to “trick” the DNS and then create a US Netflix account… I would have to use a Dutch credit-card, would this be an issue?

I recently found tunlr.net which is completely free alternative to unblock us. Try that one out. Seemingly don’t need to change store location to US either and does job nicely.

Not too sure about iplayer though because I’m in UK so don’t need to play with that one.

Jonm, I am in Saudi and subscribe to a VPN called Overplay. I have a UK Netflix account. Do you know what I need to do to access it through my Apple TV2