New to Apple TV


Not sure if this post is in the correct section, I have just entered the world of Apple TV and got my self a Apple TV2 UNTETHERED Jailbroken Latest XBMC.
I have some ideas what I’m doing but netflixs has been working the last few days and not it won’t work at all. Keeps brining up this error message atv-ui511-3, I haven’t signed in or anything with netflex some names have appeared already on there, but also didn’t know how to sign up to Netflix using jailbreak.
I have already installed on Apple TV xbmc already with mash up and ice films, is there anything else worth getting.
Nash up works but it doesn’t look green like I’ve seen on the videos and google ect still works but just thought I’d ask.
I’m not completely clued up Apple TV, so bare with me if I get asked question. I have brought this as a present for my old man, but thought I’d get it all Gucci for him first then I can show him what to do and where to go ect.
Thanks for looking and any help would be great.

I would suggest you do a search on google for that error code, I saw others were having same problem and solutions were many.

As far as the non-green mash-up… just go into mash-up settings (at bottom of mash-up screen) and choose “green-monster” under skin settings.

Have had a scan through it can’t seem to find my issue, but will keep looking. How do I create an account for netflixs on Apple TV jailbroken?

Ok cool thanks for the help ref mash up.


I’m having the exact same issue; googling around seems like a whole raft of users are experiencing the same thing- around 8pm EST Netflix seems to have flipped a switch, no longer allowing older versions of the ATV app to stream from the service. :confused: I really hope a workaround/patch comes out for this, because netflix is half the reason I have an ATV, the other half being the videos I stream through my NAS.

If you really need Newflx and they don’t fix the problem with it not working on 5.3, then check out this thread It involve “spoofing” the firmware version number so it reports a later version.

I was receiving the same error from Netflix as others have on two of my atv2’s running 5.0.2 but noticed Netflix was working fine on my atv2 running 5.3

After rejailbreaking these two devices today from 5.0.2 to 5.3 I can confirm Netflix now works on both these devices as well, so I’m assuming Netflix will no longer work on any jailbroken atv2 unless it’s currently running firmware version 5.3 …or possibly by referring to the link in Carpenter’s post and changing the info.plist to a newer version.

So if you’re wanting Netflix to work and since apple is still signing 5.3 now would be a good time to rejailbreak before it becomes too late.

Update: Apparently Netflix is working again on all 5.x firmware versions. They probably received a lot of complaints for doing this and “flipped the switch” back on…for now.