iCloud Shares Not Syncing?

Hello! I’m really new to this, but to my understanding, my (pro) Infuze (running 7.6.5) account on my Apple TV 4K (which is Model A1842, running tvOS 17.2) should be syncing with my iPad app - I have both a Mega and a Google Drive cloud share set up on my iPad, as well as a couple local files.

I know I have iCloud drive set up on both ATV (obviously) and my iPad, and I’ve checked that both are syncing the same iCloud account. Clearly, the infuze ATV app recognizes my subscription, but it will not sync? It says it’s synced every time I look in Library, but it clearly isn’t, because none of my files - local, or either cloud share - are there. Honestly, the entire reason I downloaded Infuze was to be able to easily stream GD in particular, but if it refuses to download, then I’m truly at a loss.

Edit: I’m not sure it makes a difference, but the iCloud being used is a Family Share, and I have my own iCloud account but use a different Apple ID for purchases.

Unfortunately, iCloud data cannot be shared between family members so you may need to adjust the account used on the Apple TVs.

You can have multiple Apple IDs on each Apple TV, but the one Infuse will use for iCloud Syncing will be the one set as the ‘Default User’. This can be found in Apple TV Settings > Users and Accounts.

More info on using iCloud Sync can be found in this guide.

I appreciate the prompt response, but I’m not sure I understand, apologies. For further detail, my situation is as follows:

My dad owns the Apple ID I use for purchases and such, however, I have my own iCloud account that I use for my devices, and I have that iCloud account as a user (ie, individual profile) on the ATV. My dad is the default user, yes, but I do have my own profile.

For example on how the iCloud situation typically works: I downloaded Infuze on my iPhone, and the cloudshare libraries appeared there.

I checked the subscription, however, and it appears to be a “shared” subscription. Do I have to have it be a subscription for my iCloud only in order for it to work?

Update: I tried putting the subscription so it’s not “shared with Family” and it still didn’t work. I’m truly at a loss.

Edit: I reread, and I get it now. I have to the Default User for it to work. Thank you.

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