Infuse pro and gdrive not syncing

Hi guys,

Been trying to get my gdrive going but have no success. Currently running infuse 5.8 on ATV4, I’ve installed infuse pro on my iPhone and have successfully sync with google drive, i have enabled iCloud sync on both iPhone and ATV, still got nothing showing up on ATV.

I was testing with 2 files, both showed up on iPhone Infuse but nothing on the ATV infuse.

Both devices are running under the same iCloud account/ Apple ID.

Any idea what I did wrong? Cheers

Welcome to the forum!

Does the Google Drive share appear in Settings > Shares on your Apple TV?

Do you have at least one favorite selected in Settings > Library?

On Apple TV you will need to add at least one favorite, and this can be done by browsing via Settings > Shares > Share Name.