Infuse does not sync via iCloud anymore

Hi guys,

I am using Infuse on two Apple TV 4K and also on my iPad and iPhone. I’ve enabled iCloud sync on all devices and they are also up to date.
Since a few weeks or so, one of my Apple TV (living room) won’t sync with iCloud anymore. I did some tests:
When I watch a movie etc. on my other (working) Apple TV, the state will be synced to all other devices, like the iPad (except my living room ATV). Vice versa also works, so when I watch something on the iPad, it will be synced to the working Apple TV.
I unlogged my iCloud account from the living room ATV, but it didn’t helped.
I don’t think it is an Infuse problem (therefore I didn’t submitted a ticket), instead an iCloud problem on this one Apple TV. Another problem since the same time (I guess) is, that location based Homekit automation don’t seem to work anymore. The living room ATV is my hub. Yes, I also reconfigured it, check the location settings on the iPhone etc. but still no luck. I think this is related to the iCloud problem…

Does anymore has experience something like this?

I’ve been working on the same type of issue for the last 2 to 3 weeks also. I haven’t found anything specific but when checking the iCloud status pages at apple it reports good so not sure what’s going on.


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Are you using multiple users on the Apple TV?

If so, you’ll want to ensure the user with the iCloud data you want to access is setup as the Default user.

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Hi James,

no, I don’t use multiple users.
I did some further tests to check the synchronization. It seems to work between my iPad and my ATV in my bedroom, but not to my ATV in my living room.
Maybe you can have a look at the logs, maybe you can find something out.
Here is the code: G1TEA.

I submitted right after I manually updated the synchronization.

Mine are all single user also. The last 2 days all 4 ATVs are taking a long time to do an iCloud sync and even then the watched status isn’t being updated on the other ATVs.

It’s gone totally south for me. I’m wondering if something in Infuse corrupted the iCloud file and now it’s not usable any more. I had to delete the iCloud file a while back and that was a mess.

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So I am not alone with it.
The thing is, I can not reproduce this issue. It seems that it works sometimes, but since a few weeks mostly it doesn’t work…

I may be a bit OCD but I’ve got into the habit of as soon as I launch Infuse I go to the library settings screen and watch the status messages and lately it will go through all the feching and then go to iCloud sync and then sometimes back to fetching and again back to iCloud sync then to the "Last Updated… " message. Often it will even do another iCloud sync after it shows the Last updated message.

I think it’s trying to speak “curmudgeon” to me. LOL

Well, just a follow up. I’m not seeing any watched status syncing at all anymore. I’m not going to do any major deleting and restoring for now. We use one ATV as a primary and I’ll just keep a written log of watched shows from the others.

I’ll keep my fingers crossed that when V7 hits this spring it revamps the iCloud syncing also. :smile:

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Hm. The thing is I can not reproduce this issue. I’m thinking about completely restoring my 2 ATVs and make a fresh installation of Infuse…

I know you said iCloud but if you are signed into trakt it could be related to outages there. I know there was issue this weekend.

For me I don’t use trakt at all. There’s something going south with iCloud sync for watched status but it’s being a bear to figure out.

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Yeah, I do not use Trakt at all.

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Just to keep updating things.

I know this will jinx things just by typing it but as of two days ago, all 4 ATVs and an iPhone are now syncing watched status among all of them.

No change in updating Infuse (still 6.6.3) or OS, just healed itself.

Didn’t delete or refresh the icloud data.

I did notice that a couple of days ago the iCloud sync took a very long time, instead of the usual max 2 minutes and normal < 1 minute it took over 6 minutes on one device I timed. After that all was working.

Only thing I can think of is moon phase or crop circles…

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I’ve noticed that too yesterday.
I will keep an eye on it.

Hi , i have ipad pro and apple tv 4k can u help me how to sync the episode from my ipad to apple tv ?

Where is the source of your episode? Only on the iPad? Or do you have a central storage?

Sync problem for me as well.
One of the three atvs won’t sync the watching status.
Any advice beside waiting?


If you’re only having issues on one Apple TV, I would check to ensure the ‘Default User’ on that Apple TV is set up to use the correct Apple ID.

Even though the Apple TV supports multiple users, iCloud Sync can only be used with the Default User.

Apple TV > Settings > Users and Accounts > Default User