How to Remove Series and Other from Recently Added on iPad

Hi, I have Infuse on my Mac, iPhones and iPad. On my iPhones the section of Recently Added shows only movies, but in my Mac and my iPad it shows Movies, Series and Other. I can’t find any configuration option to change in order to display only movies. Is there a way to filter this section to show only movies?


On the Mac, on the home screen upper right the layer cake with the down arrow. Click and select edit.

I like the Recently Added section, but I don’t want it to include TV Shows or Other. I just want it to include just movies.

Then use the above directions and remove the TV show recently added.

I’m talking about just of the “Recently Added” section, not the other. The you put the recently added section on the home screen, you can see the movies that you just added to the library. My problem is that on my iPad and Mac Client this section ALSO includes recently added TV Shows and Recently Added Others, I just want this section to include only Movies. No TV Shows, No Others.

I’m not talking about the other section those section are fine.

Again, on the mac, on the home screen, click on the cake in the upper right.

Click on Edit in the upper right of the window that opens.

Below is a list called All items.

In that click on TV shows.

In the window that opens (Labeled TV Shows), click on what should be a red minus sign and that should take it recently added TV shows off the home screen.

Edit to add, on the first screen when you click the cake, you will want to click on the red minus after “Recently Added” in the section above “all items”. This is the one that shows the combined recently added. Then you can select just movies in the following sections.

Got it. Thanks a lot.

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