Recently Added & Unwatched for both TV and Movie together on Apple tv app

can these categories be added in the apple tv application? as it exists in the applications for iOS and mac OS
Unwatched (movies and tv together) and the same for Recently Added


They’re already in the ATV app.

Library > Movies > Recently Added (Long press on this and select your choice of “Add to Favorites” or “Pin to Home Screen”

This is the same for Unwatched and also the same for TV Shows.

Edit to add, I see you’re asking for both together so if you knew the above I apologize but for those that didn’t you can have these lists on the home screen individually.

Infuse 7 on iOS and iPad have recent added playlist on main screen. However, Infuse 7 on Apple TV dosen’t have recent added on main screen only has recent added films and tv shows.

I moved your post to a currently running suggestion for this feature.

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