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Please tell me there’s a way to hide the recently added feature? I can’t find it and it just takes up screen real estate and is meaningless for me…often the things I add to my library are not watched for months or years. It’s one of the most annoying features of the Plex interface, so it’s frustrating to see it appear here.

Sorry to sound so negative, but when I saw it I just found it frustrating!



What we’ll likely look at adding is a way to pick and choose which lists are visible on the home screen (similar to how Favorites work on Apple TV). This isn’t available just yet, but could be added the release of 5.6 which will be optimized for iOS 11.

Thanks James. I’ve disabled the library whilst it displays Recently Added and will just connect to it as and when I need to watch things. I really do think (going forward) that there should be the option to customise (i.e., hide/turn off) interface features as they are added.


any update to this? It’s almost a year later, I still can’t hide that feature.
If it matters: Infuse Pro 5.7.1 (2059)

Settings > General > Up Next List > “Watching Only” or “Off”

I still have this problem on my AppleTV 4k. Pro user, on 5.9. Used to look OK but after some update the recently added movie was there, as well as a bunch of other unwated stuff on my main screen. I just want the folders I have added, nothing more, like I had from the start. Can’t get that to work no matter what I turn on or off in the settings.

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I think you’ll find your answer here Remove or hide categories - #2 by NC_Bullseye

Thank you for the quick reply! It worked, but I have to say that it’s hardly intuitive. I’m sure there’s a reason why there isn’t just a Main screen menu under Settings where you toggle all those things on or off, but I’m not sure it’s a good one.

Here’s how I did it on AppleTV4k, in case anyone else comes through here with the same problem:

  1. I had to go to Settings and then Library and turn that On, because I had it turned off.
  2. Go back to Main Screen, enter Library folder and then Movies and long press all those that are starred.
  3. Single press By Rating and long press Top 30
  4. Go back to Settings and Library and turn it off
  5. All done. In case you only want the folders you have shared/added yourself

Glad you got things set like you want!

I don’t know for sure what the reasons are for not having it added to setting but I’m guessing it’s to keep settings from looking like the cockpit of a 747. Also, it’s easier to add and delete things when you are right there on the home screen and not have to drill down in the settings to find it.

Any reason you don’t use the library function? I too was a bit reluctant at first but it really is nice and it’s easy to use. Just curious.

Unless you turn off Library to make the home screen cleaner, not realizing this is where you have to turn off Recently Added and so on and that you can’t do that unless you turn it back on because it can’t be found anywhere in Settings. But let’s agree to disagree, or maybe we even agree that it could be clearer.

No doubt it can be a nice feature. I want to keep the home screen clean and minimalistic plus I have kids and don’t want them to see any movies they shouldn’t be watching on the home screen. So those would be my main reasons, the latter really being the big one, the former I might rethink if it not for the kids.

Still an issue. Attaching picture to illustrate my point about how much real estate these sections I don’t use and don’t want, take up. Can’t even see my movie collection since these categories take up so much space.

Even funnier, none of these items are “recently added” (they were added 2 years ago)

Just let us remove them. I want a plain and simple searchable library. At best on the Apple TV I want to be able to pick up where I left off, but that does not include “unwatched” and “recently added”.

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I want to disable recently added view and then the UI would switch to a movie grid view. Thanks.

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