Recently Added and Favorites rows

Anyway to remove them on tvOS with a Apple TV 4k streaming box please? It is annoying.

Only thing stopping me from buying a lifetime license of Infuse Pro.

You can remove the recently added by going to the library and selecting Movies then long press on Recently Added and select Remove from Home Screen.

Do the same for TV shows.

As to the favorites if you remove those how will you select what you want to watch?

To remove the favorites you can go to Settings, select shares, select your share under Saved Shares, click on the favorite you want to remove, then select “Remove Favorite”

If you want to remove the very top row that shows recently added and watching you can go to Settings and scroll down to Up Next List and choose “Off”.

You can remove the “Library” menu icon from the favorites bar on the library settings page (option: Show Library). Other favorites bar items can be hidden by long-pressing them.

The hamburger menu item on the home page allows you to add, remove, and reorder the horizontal rows of items displayed on the Home Screen.