Help from Emby &/or Jellyfin users please

Hey all,
To all you Emby or Jellyfin users.
Do either of these natively (I’m not meaning within Infuse) offer a search filter for Dolby Vision content?

Also for those using Infuse direct server connection I know Emby (and I assume Jellyfin) gives an option to favourite media. As it stands now, are they shown in the Infuse UI?

I just really want to break away from Plex now but using Infuse natively will be problematic with a lot of my media due to TMDB limitations.


Emby does not have a filter for Dolby Vision

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Emby doesn’t actually display if content is Dolby Vision at the moment, but this is coming in the next big update (which has been in beta for months).

There’s a thread asking for an HDR filter option, so hopefully this will happen at some point. The devs are pretty good at listening to feedback.

There’s a really useful Emby plugin, called Smart Playlists, that might help you. I use it to create smart collections, which work perfectly with Infuse - they appear in Infuse just like any other collection. One of the search parameters is ‘file name’, so if your Dolby Vision files are named consistently, you could create a smart collection of all Dolby Vision media.


And yes, Emby favourites are appearing on the Infuse Home Screen in Direct Mode (not by default, but you can add them as a Home Screen item).


As someone who’s tried Emby, Jellyfin, Plex, and native Infuse, I found native Infuse was too limited, Jellyfin was buggy, and Plex was frustrating. Emby has been fantastic, I’ve been using it for a few years now. Happy to help if you’ve got any more questions.


Thanks for all the comprehensive answers Joe. I actually used Emby for a couple of years (but a few years ago) and have Emby Premier Lifetime.

I will check Emby out again (and it’s Infuse direct connection) on my next days off.

Do you ever use the sync/download feature to watch stuff on your mobile device? Plex takes forever and is very hit and miss. Obviously doing the full file download in Infuse works great but obviously limits how much I can download depending on my mobile devices space.

It will be later in the week when I get chance to install Emby and I dare say I will have more questions then.

Thanks again.


Yeah downloading works well with the Emby iOS app, it allows you to choose a quality setting as you start the conversion/download, and the downloaded version even plays automatically when you play the video from your Up Next (unlike Infuse).

The Emby iOS app has actually improved a lot these past few years, it’s pretty usable now.

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An Emby dev just confirmed this will be available in the upcoming Emby server update.

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