Which is best for the Upcoming direct mode? Emby, Jellyfin, or Plex

In preparation for this feature, I’m curious if y’all have a perspective on which of the three servers would be best suited to somebody who ONLY cares about using this as a library management backend for Infuse. Don’t care about transcoding etc. Which is the cleanest, best solution for that use case?

Right now purely because of skip intros and the fact that Infuse already uses them I would say Plex.
But….and it’s a huge BUT…Plex have completely lost the plot.
There’s another hail storm happening right now on their forums regarding Plex latest shenanigans and breaches of GPDR.

I’m really hoping that once direct mode is finalised in Infuse both Skip intros and skip credits in both Emby & Jellyfin will become a thing in Infuse. Once that happens I will ditch my Plex lifetime in a heartbeat.

That said if skip intros don’t really matter to you then I have seen several users saying that Jellyfin and Infuse are their perfect combination.


Now that Infuse essentially fixed the disappearing metadata problem and newly respects the <sorttitle> tag in local .nfo — I’d be remiss if I didn’t suggest just organizing your imports manually (using something like Kodi) and trying Infuse on its lonesome.

You might find you don’t even need a media-managing server.

But if you discover things Infuse can’t do natively (to your frustration), write down what those things are, and let that missing feature-set guide your choice.

This and the capability to switch between versions of a movies and tvshows who help prevent problems with tone mapping for some persons, tv, etc.

Yeah and in my case I would be using Infuse natively it is wasn’t the fact I have so many files that (as I use Trakt) are not known on TMDB. Plex, Emby, Jellyfin means that it doesn’t matter as they all still offer options for TVDB.
Full nfo support would help (if and when it comes.)


Same here, once Infuse fully supports NFOs for TV shows, I’ll be ditching Emby. Till then, Emby is essential for me.


Am I correct in saying Plex is the only option that would allow for streaming outside of your home network, at least with minimal intervention? Something worth noting if that is important.

  1. Plex allows me to access video content stored on my home storage from a public network by simply using UPnP and their account system.
  2. Video transcoding can be used to reduce the bitrate of videos and save on data usage.
  3. It is possible to quickly set up individual libraries on PC or Mac using platforms like Plex, Emby, or Jellyfin, and each media library can have different settings applied.

Perhaps it’s time for Infuse to introduce an account system and also provide a Docker installation for home storage. Assuming this Docker can be configured for port forwarding through UPnP, quickly set up the main screen or media library, perform video transcoding, and utilize features like skip intros by analyzing video files locally. It may not have the web playback functionality that other media-managing servers offer, as Infuse Pro users primarily use Apple devices as their main viewing devices.

You made my day, thank you.

From a business perspective, I believe it is important to support this feature as soon as possible. This decision will determine whether a portion of users will switch from Plex to the free Jellyfin platform. With the added support of Direct Mode, the attractive user interface will be provided by Infuse. The overall result of combining Jellyfin and Infuse is expected to surpass Plex in various aspects. It is akin to purchasing a Plex Pass and using Infuse. As a result, the willingness of these users to purchase Infuse Pro is likely to increase.

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I can safely infer from this that Plex surpasses Jellyfin and almost as safely (does jellyfin have a Watchlist, “social” Discover?) that Plex+Infuse does too.

I’ll stick with the better product (combo), thank you very much. :smiley:

Wait, What? You’re saying that the Plex watchlist is available in Infuse when connecting Infuse to Plex?
If this is the case then I really missed it.

If however you meant Plex can and Infuse connected to Plex can’t then I really think you have missed the point that’s being asked.

The way I read it was “Solely using Infuse as the client, which works best out of all the Media Servers in direct mode”
The answer for me is Plex purely because of Skip Intros.
But I honestly wouldn’t care about any media server if Infuse finally gives us “Full” nfo support including TV shows.
I really can’t be bothered making a MANUAL collection of 160+ (40’s-60’s) Tom & Jerry cartoons just so Infuse knows what they are. @J0E (as just one example)

I have no issue with TMDB. Maybe they’re movies and people who to go to the cinema to watch a 5-10 minute cartoon back in the day. I’m not “quite” that old.

@james i know it’s been said that the vast majority of Infuse users use it natively. As someone with a Plex and Emby lifetime (Jellyfin being free) they all offer the ability via tvdb to scrobble to Trakt (which I live for) please throw us a bone. I don’t want or need a media server. I just want Infuse to know what every file I play is and know it will scrobble to Trakt.

If Infuse knew what every file I own was and scrobbled to Trakt to allow me to set my own personal rating then my life would be complete. A TV show or movie shouldn’t or wouldn’t matter. Full nfo support would do this.

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I’m not sure what you’re asking here? If you’re putting Infuse to one side and asking about Plex, Emby or Jellyfin in their native server/clients ability to stream outside your network? Nope they can all do it.
If you mean all those servers connected to Infuse then no. Infuse direct plays only.

Apologies. I may have not fully understood the abilities of Emby and Jellyfin. I thought that Plex was the easiest backend to use if you wanted to stream your content outside of your home network.

Nope. They can all do it.
How well they do it depends on a lot of things.
I still find Plex the easiest but that’s possibly more down to me being more familiar with Plex. Which doesn’t necessarily mean Plex is the best option.
Oh and there’s absolutely no need to apologise.
My thoughts will not be everyone’s.

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Hey, sorry to bother you. I cant figure out how to turn on direct mode for plex?

I am a beta tester and currently on the most recent version. You seem to know a lot!

You’d be surprised how little I know.
However direct mode simply involves turning OFF library mode as far as I’m aware.
Just got to work unfortunately so if you’re stuck I’m sure someone else will chime in.

Ah okey😅 i just dont know how to enable direct mode as mine keeps scanning the library

There is no direct mode for plex yet. :wink:

Sorry im a knob, i meant emby. Ive gone so much back and forth between the two lately. I figured it out though, just had to change share under advanced tab

Thanks for the reply mate!