Infuse needs a Jellyfin compatibility update

I know one is supposed to make different topics for different issues but for some reasons Infuse Jellyfin bugs seems to go unnoticed or forgotten.

I used to have Plex and the compatibility was top tier. But I switched to Jellyfin. Last update fixed some Emby stuff and I feel like it’s time to give Jelly that proper premium experience that it has with Plex. Actually that is wrong to say since Plex doesn’t support logos and Jelly does.

Right now, it is no possible to have the shows you are watching on the tvOS “Watching” banners that display when you select Infuse’s icon on the home screen, it only works for episodes and movies that you started watching but haven’t finished, it doesn’t displays the “Up next” stuff.

Hybrid Dolby Vision files only display the HDR tag instead of “DV”.

Another thing that fails to deliver the premium experience is that external subtitles display their original file name instead of their proper tag like they do with Plex. Instead of showing something like “English [SDH]” you get a subtitle name like “Movie.Name.BD.Remux.The.Inferior.Experience.2023.En.Hi”.


100%. I’ve been using Jellyfin for a little over a year, and Infuse for 11 months… up until the last few months it worked great on all devices and I had no issues. However within the last 2-3 months my new playlists aren’t syncing across any device (‘syncing failed for Jellyfin’ – even though the watched/watching is being synched), and all of the playlists that do appear in “See All” don’t appear in the side-scrolling list. Sometimes titles don’t display correctly, etc. I’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling sync plugin and hasn’t helped.

Completely agree with @BigDak, I was being patient and thinking a fix would come given my initial experience - and considered opening a support ticket. But it’s been months and still nothing, I can’t be the only one experiencing this issue as my setup is about as simple as one can get (Jellyfin on Synology NAS).

When using Jellyfin, you can add the ‘Next Up’ option to the Home Screen to show items other than those in progress. This can be added by tapping the List icon on the Home Screen, and clicking Edit.

For Dolby Vision tags, these historically have had rather spotty support in Emby and Jellyfin. Regardless of the tag shown, Infuse will always play the video correctly.

You can follow these two threads for updates on your suggestions.