Excruciating slow update of metadata and start to playback

I am using Infuse Pro 7.2.1 (latest update) on an Apple TV 4K (latest gen).

My data is on several Plex servers (one local, several remote) and one remote Emby Server.

Since a while now, every time I am starting Infuse, I get the spinning wheel for a very long time (usually I just leave it and go do something else, since its not possible to wait to see how long it takes to complete).

The worst is that the UI is unresponsive during this update, so even if some part of it is updated (e.g. half watched movies), its still not possible to start playback.

Even when I start playback, it can be that movies take 10-20 seconds to start playing.

It is not really possible to use the app in this manner.

Is there any possibility to look into this?


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Hi im having the exact same issue, did you find a solution?

The latest beta is a big improvement, however some delay persists.

All is fine after removing the app and reinstalling the latest beta. No more delays of any kind now.

I noticed that the metadata usage is much lower (about a 10th) as compared to before removing the app. Not sure if this is relevant.