Why is library scanning and Metadata download so EXCRUCIATINGLY slow???

I love Infuse’s playback abilities but the library scanning and metadata downloading doesn’t compare at all to Plex!

I assumed that while watching a show the metadata fetching will just happen in the background but it doesn’t! You have to go into EVERY SHOW FOLDER and actively browse in order for it to scan the season folders and episodes and download the metadata…THAT’S CRAZY when you have thousands of movies and dozens of TV shows!!! Nobody will do that.

My ATV is connected by Ethernet to my synology NAS (1512+) and yet the whole thing feels very slow with the library scanning being so archaic.

Is there any plans to improve this??

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My thoughts exactly. I mean Plex is like 100 times faster. Its ridiculous when you click on Favorites and click on say TV series that circle keep spinning even if you go back and come right back. Ever heard of something called cache? Its a good app but the Meta data sucks balls big time. I mean its a massive fail in my opinion and this is what the developers should actually be FOCUSING on as I cant see all the fans of this app happy about this. There better be a priority on this, otherwise I am back to Plex. Plex is fantastic. Only thought I would give this a try because a lot of people rave about it and initial impressions are its very good but boy metadata is like stone age on this. Its like as if the developers didn’t give this any thought. Would be good to see this seeking theTVDB more so than TMDB.

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For a bit of background, Infuse will fetch metadata whenever the app is open and idle. Fetching is paused while a video is playing so as not to interfere with playback. Once info for an item is fetched, it will be cached on the Apple TV and (with few exceptions) will not need to be fetched again.

Infuse wills scan and fetch info in all your folders without you having to navigate through them, and the status of this can be monitored through the Settings > Library menu. However, if you are navigating through a folder Infuse will pause its other fetching in order to work on the items you have up on the screen.

Hope this helps.

When you need to do the initial scan, and you have a large video collection to scan, I have found it useful to temporarily increase the tvOS General/Sleep After setting so that the ATV doesn’t go to sleep while it is doing the initial scan.

Thanks James for the clarification. I’m just wondering though, with the ATV 4 and ATV 4K being so powerful, is it really necessary to pause the scanning/metadata download while a video is playing?

Fetching the metadata while you’re watching something is the perfect time to do it. You finish your show and all your library is right there ready!

It may make some sense to look at changing this up on the ATV4K, but it’s probably not something we’ll be able to change on the ATV4.

The problem I have is, when I click on my favorites I get get that spinning bar for about 10 to 15 seconds before I get into those folders. Why is that? This never happens with other apps like Plex. I just get straight in. Is there a reason why that cant be cached. Libraries it just gets in ok but I wish for favorites we didnt have to wait this long to get in. Thats the frustrating part. To top it off why in favorites does it not fetch things automatically? I have to go through each folder for it to recognise what show it is initially.

Exactly, coming from Plex, metadatas (correcting infos, lacking imdb & rotten tomatoes rating, browsing by director, finding movies by actors, by country production, etc.) are very very limited, and library handling very slow (10-15 seconds before entering a favorite folder???), especially when browsing large collections.

BUT the playback core of INFUSE is second to none on Apple TV (even the best i’ve seen after years using a dozens of other devices!).

So, the INFUSE’s core is solid, just needing a few more features relating to metadatas and libraries to become the perfect media center on Apple TV!

Thanks for your work and interactions with the community!

Loading a folder based favorite takes longer since it also rescans for new items each time it’s opened. This is one of the reasons why we built the Library option, as it allows for much faster browsing since it’s a fully indexed/cached view.

I’d encourage you to try using the Library over folder based favorites. You can even create Favorites from Library categories and display them on the homescreen, so you can still have one-tap access to things like All TV Shows, or R-rated movies. Just long-press on any category item to create a Favorite from it. Full details on how this works can be found here. Setting Up Your Library – Firecore

Thank you for this explanation, it makes more sense to me! Now, give more way to browse my movies (by directors-actors-countries), some playlists, trakt.tv lists and it will be perfect!

Lots of good things coming. Stay tuned. :wink:

I will, I really love INFUSE!

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I will give this a shot. Is there any way we can do a fetch form other sources like THETVDB etc or is it all only TMDB?

Infuse actually uses both.

TMDb for movies. TheTVDb for TV shows.

Ok great. Cant wait to see whats coming in store. If you are looking for beta testing let me know. I have all the latest equipment and also work with the latest Kodi beta as well Plex etc.

Mine does seem to take a while too - but using the library view is much faster - However, some movies (about 15-16) keep being placed in the Other section. Then after a few seconds or so Infuse puts them back where they should be.

If I look under settings, Library, I can see that Infuse is gathering files (about 30-40) then it finishes.

The problem is, if I leave Infuse and come back to it the next day, or even force quit Infuse - the next time I open Infuse the same movies are back in the Other section and Infuse then re-gathers the same amount of files?

I’ve looked at their names and they are exactly the same as on IMDB?

Ive done a clear all metadata so now just waiting for it to collect all the information again - very long process as I have a lot of films

If this issue should appear again, can you send in a quick report from your Apple TV so we can look further into this?

Hello. Re-scanning seems to have stopped. I did to a complete rebuild of my metadata and have painfully gone through all 800 plus folders on my NAS putting in my own custom coverart (what a long few weeks that was)