Why the waiting when you start a movie

I think the metadata is being loaded and my hdd is getting full of media.

Lately it has been taking at least 50 seconds to start showing me the content…to choose what I want to play, which is a pretty bad experience using Infuse on the Apple TV. Is this a known problem?

Can this be fixed?

Let me know.


It takes a long time to load up a movie and it’s been a pain in the bottom on my 14’ M1 Max since I started to use infuse from 7.2.1!

Local 4K HDR. Other types are never tested.

It would help if you would tell what version, if you server was remote or local, what type of connection either WiFi or Ethernet, what type of file if it’s HD or 4K, how large is the library and what type of connection SMB, FTP UPnP, etc.

All files are on SMB share of my PC (which is on the same network as the Apple TV 4K gen 2 with the latest tvOS update, also I must add they are all big files 4J HDR files…this is not a good experience. Even if the share I add in infuse is only few files. You still have to wait a long time, about 40-50 seconds…I will video the whole process. And all what I have mentioned is the Apple TV 4K gen 2 is on a 1 GBit switch, and also the share, is on a PC which is on the same 1 Gbit switch. I think it is trying to scrape/load the content before it shows you all of it…?

It’s pretty obvious that the problem is not Infuse, but your server PC.

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Slow to load issue disappeared now when Metadata Fetching is unchecked.

Did you let infuse completely finish its library and metadata scan?


metadata fetching helped with my issue of Infuse not reading my NAS… even though the library is fully up to date. While i have a large library on two NASes, this issue did not show its face till Infuse version 7.2… i thought it was something i did, but it wasnt… Plex works perfect… i kill Infuse… restart ATV… uninstall/reinstall infuse… same issue. two things i have done… to test this situation… 1) disable metadata fetching… Infuse seems to work, but i have to manually metadata… more testing required… 2) installed Infuse 6 Pro … while the user interface doesnt look the greatest on tviOS 15.x… infuse fetches metadata just fine and i dont lose the NASes.

While i know Plex is a competitor… it doesnt have any issues with refusing to connect… and telling ppl that their NAS or network needs looking at is pointless as older version of Infuse works and the current version does not.

just my 2 cents, and i hope James will take a look at this and provide me a work around or another solution.

yes, i know… this is not what this thread is about… i wanted to give fireaway006 props for an idea to disable metadata fetching.