Infuse stuck on "Fetching metadata changes"

Hi all,

Recently infuse on my iPhone and Mac started having issue finishing the metadata syncing. To be clear all the metadata still syncs perfectly but the circle keeps spinning and it never seems to stop.

However infuse on my Apple TV syncs just fine. All the platforms have the latest versions of OSes and infuse as well.

Backend is an Emby server in a docker container on a local debian machine.

With all of the recent updates both in OS as well as with Infuse it’s always a good idea to specify the version numbers of both.

Thanks. Infuse version 7.5.1, macOS 13.3.1, iOS 16.4.1, tvOS 16.4

Not sure why no one has looked at the issue yet but is still happening.

Just submitted a diagnostic report: QDCDB