Dolby Vision Profile 7 & 8 support (.ts/.mkv files)

Yes it is I Believe. It’s really disappointing

This is what Titanic (1997) looks like with properly generated Metadata:

The metadata above was generated using the original RPU’s scene cuts and Dolby’s professional CM_Analyze tool to create CMv4 metadata with Dolby’s latest algorithm. I did this with RESET_9999’s tools.

Paramount did drop the ball with this Dolby Vision release. With that said, we saw the same thing recently with Avatar 2 as well, so Cameron may have something against Dynamic Metadata generally.


wow, can I get the file please ?

The new collectors edition of Avatars are adding Dolby vision. I wonder if they will do the same with the titanic collectors? Or is titanic already advertising DV on the regular release? In that case we might not see much change with Avatars… :pensive:

Any idea about when we will have P8 native support implemented in Infuse?

You can always see what info on release dates which is public here.

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Of course I know that link.
Because from almost 5 months is in “researching” I am curious to know how long must we wait more, if this is not to ask too much.

I’m pretty sure the answer is “until it’s ready.”
Infuse have all the work on direct mode for media servers going on right now. It’s not a minor project.

@james hi!
Tell me, should we expect the introduction of Dolby Vision 8 in December 2023? Or have you decided to postpone it to 2024?

I’m not sure it’s possible to postpone something that was never given a schedule.

The result of testing several beta versions of infuse. I hope firecore has drawn conclusions and won’t do it again.

Do what again?

They won’t make multiple beta versions.
Several beta versions of infuse have been tested simultaneously for a long time. And this influenced the release of new versions of infuse. We haven’t received any significant updates for several months.

They didn’t do that before. We concentrated all our efforts on one version. And, it was better.

tvOS came out with DV 8. It was necessary to send the entire team to work on the implementation of this functionality in infuse. Rather than dividing the team into several groups and simultaneously chasing three beta versions.

If you wish to continue discussing the ideologies of beta testing please start a thread in the lounge area so you don’t ping every user following this thread waiting for actual updates.


Not sure how this will impact things, but MKVTOOLnix just released an update that seems to be related to some of these DolbyVision compatibility issues. Here are their release notes:

mkvmerge: MPEG transport stream reader: HEVC/H.265: added support for
reading single-layer Dolby Vision from Annex B type bitstream read from MPEG
transport streams. Partially implements #3113.

  • mkvmerge: MPEG transport stream reader, HEVC/H.265 elementary stream reader:
    added support for reading dual-layer Dolby Vision with both the base &
    enhancement layers in the same track from Annex B type bitstreams in MPEG
    transport files & elementary stream files. Implements #3126.
  • mkvmerge: MPEG transport stream reader: HEVC/H.265: implemented combining
    dual-layer Dolby Vision with base & enhancement layers in different

This sounds interesting. Nice spot.

Interesting, alas not relevant to cmv4 processing or DV7 to DV8 conversion/support being discussed in this thread. I believe those mkvmerge changes are to handle/support single track containing both BL/ EL layer (VUI, NAL handling,…) . You’d still need a capable device/player to process the EL.

That reads to me like the mkvtoolnix improvements will make it easier to remux transport stream files (ts/m2ts) into mkv files (instead of using MakeMKV).

Nothing that helps/affects playback.

MKV has long supported Single Track Dual Layer (STDL) as the way it stores DV7 and Single Track Single Layer (STSL) for other profiles like DV5 and DV8.

This new release just looks like it makes it possible to take two Dual Track Dual Layer (DTDL) streams from a ts/m2ts file (e.g., as used on a UHD BD) and remux them into a STDL mkv file.

Or to take a STSL ts/m2ts file and remux the stream into an mkv file.

Previously I believe you could only provide mkvtoolnix a raw H.264/H.265 STDL or STSL stream to mux into an mkv file (or a pre-existing mkv file to remux into another mkv file).

Now you can do it from a ts/m2ts file.

So, before:

  • STSL.hevc → STSL.mkv
  • STDL.hevc → STDL.mkv

Now, it looks like you can also do:

  • STSL.m2ts → STSL.mkv
  • STDL.m2ts → STDL.mkv
  • DTDL.m2ts → STDL.mkv

Is there an easy way via CLI to detect files that are CM4.0? Would love an easy way to automatically check files in my library to identify the ones that need to be converted. It’s easy enough to detect DV profile, but mediainfo does not seem to have CM data. If I have DV8 files that are already CM2.9, I don’t want to bother converting them.

Is the only way to actually extract the RPU and run “dovi_tool info” on it?

(Obviously I could just manually test each one in Infuse, but would prefer automation…)