Dolby vision profile 5 in MKV

I have some Movies in dolby vision profile 5 that the Apple tv can play. If i store the file as ts file everything is fine and Infuse trigger DV, but if I store the same files as mkv, infuse Will not trigger DV. Can´t infuse play DV files stored in mkv?

Can you upload a sample we can review here?

Sample file uploaded

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I have the same problem with Dolby Vision Profile 7.
MKV are seen as HDR by Infuse 6.5.9.
I don’t know why.

Because the ATV only supports DV profile 5.

Thanks you very much. i didn’t know.

I’m able to play Dolby Vision Profile 7 using the Plex client on Apple TV. These are mkv files made with makemkv.

Ok but how are they tagged ? Dolby Vision or HDR under Plex.
On my Mac they are tagged : 4K (HEVC Main 10 HDR)

We’re looking into this particular case with DV profile 5.

Profile 5 is what the Apple TV supports. Unfortunately other profiles (include profile 7) are not supported.

Some apps are incorrectly (intentional or not) switching the output mode to DV for profiles other than 5. Infuse does not do this, and always sets the correct mode for the portion of the video which can actually be played.

This thread has more info.

@james Any updates on this? The issue is only when using profile 5 Dolby Vision in MKV container. MP4 is not an issue.

Looks like this thread has been marked as pending. Hopefully see an update soon although it might be after v7 comes ohy

Hmm strange, in infuse playing the new king kong vs godzilla triggers dolby vision for me. Happy with that!

Because its in mp4 format and not mkv