Cast and crew…What?

Apologies if this is in the wrong place and feel free to move if required, especially if it’s a known issue so I can follow the topic.

My setup is Infuse connected to Plex.
I just grabbed the new movie Plane (2023)

Gerrard Butler and Mike Coulter are the lead actors.
Open in Plex and they’re the first two actors shown.
Open in Infuse and neither are apparently in the movie.

So I obviously wrongly assumed that Infuse just reads the cast and crew info directly from Plex?


Oh right it’s everywhere as apparently neither Brad or Bruce were in Twelve Monkeys. :rofl:

I just checked and running Infuse only, no Plex they are the first two listed for me. Maybe these two actors didn’t pay their Plex bill? :rofl:


Lol. Sadly then no lead actor did, as I’m struggling to find any movie that shows a lead actor suddenly.
I’m just more curious of the fact that if Infuse just reads Plex data when connecting that way, why there’s such a huge difference.

Also from what I can see Plex shows the cast in identical order to tmdb and it seems at first glance (but I will have to confirm when I get chance) that Infuse mimics that but misses out the first four or five entries. (So in effect all of the main cast.)
Any thoughts @james

Does Plex have a “Lead Actor” subscription that you let lapse? :clown_face:

If it’s any help in trouble shooting here’s what stand alone Infuse shows for the first group of actors on Plane.

Yep that’s identical to what I see in Plex on the Apple TV and Plex web app.

So again…Plex sees it correctly but Infuse connected to Plex doesn’t.
I’m not really sure there’s anything to troubleshoot at my end.

And in Infuse via Plex that 6th actor Paul Ben-Victor is where the cast starts.

Are you running a beta? Are you switching between App Store and beta releases?

Can you try clearing all metadata in Settings?

Just my curiosity, is it a set number of actors missing all of the time or is it sometimes 4 and then maybe 5 or 6?

I just put that screen cap up for the FireCore code monkeys to see what just Infuse shows for your movie.

Wish I could actually contribute to solving your problem but I just can’t seem to get into running a Plex server just for trouble shooting.

WAIT! I Know, If you watch the movie do those actors actually appear in it or has plex removed them from the movie for viewing in Infuse? ROFL :scream: :face_with_peeking_eye:

I did wonder if it was something that started happening in a beta.

Will take a look in the morning after work and will switch to the release version and clear metadata and see what happens.

Update. @james
I switched from TestFlight to Stable and all movies corrected themselves immediately. I didn’t even have to clear metadata. I will do anyway and will then reconnect Plex, but in the meantime changing back to TestFlight those changes hold and show correctly.

If I add any more movies over the next few days I will see if it shows the correct cast order.
Thanks for the help.

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