Film cast list in alphabetical order

Hi all,

For the past month or so, any film that I add to my library is showing the first three names in the cast list in alphabetical order and then that’s it. The top-billed actors are no longer appearing.

Previous films that were added are showing the cast list as expected but anything new just shows whomever happens to be in alphabetical order (lots of "a"s). Is this something that anybody else has seen?

For reference, my Infuse library is connected to my Plex server. When I look at the cast list from Plex, it’s normal, no alphabetical stuff. I think that possibly rules out Plex as the cause.



Is this affecting all movies, or just a few?

Can you try using the ‘Refresh’ option in Infuse on the affected movies to see if this makes a difference?

Hi James,

The overall refresh didn’t work but the refresh on each individual title did fix things as you suggested.

It is affecting every title added to the library in the last month or two (not sure exactly when it started). I have Infuse installed on a couple of Apple TVs and an iPhone connected to the same library and the same thing is happening for each.

Obviously not a big issue and your workaround was successful. I was curious as to whether this query had come up before because it seems to have started at some point, perhaps after a release, and consistently changed how the cast list was displayed for everything added after. Existing titles in the library were unchanged.




When was the last video added? Does the Cast list appear correctly if you add a new video today?

I suppose there could be have been a temporary issue in Plex/Infuse that caused this, but it may now be back to normal.

I will add something in the next little while and let you know what happens. The last title added was probably a couple of weeks ago at this point so it could have changed.

Ok. Keep an eye on it, and let us know if you see any weirdness in the future.

Hi James,

Just to let you know, I’ve added a new title and the same thing is happening. Cast list initially appearing as the top 3 alphabetical, can be fixed with an individual refresh.

The only thing of note about my set-up is that Infuse connects to a Plex server, nothing else out of the ordinary. It’s happened through at least at couple of releases of both Infuse and Plex.

If you have a chance, can you try replicating this issue and then send in a report from your device so we can look further into what may be going on here?

Hi James,

I have added a couple of new titles which have recreated the issue. I manually updated the metadata on one and not the other then submitted a report. The code is FY1X2.

Let me know if there is a better way for me to help you out.



We’ll take a look into this. Thanks.

I have exactly same problem with my plex library

Same here. A manual refresh does the trick, but is not a permanent solution.

I don’t know when this happened, but my entire library is afflicted by this bug. It wasn’t always this way, and I’ve been on Infuse for well over a year. My library (Plex share) is much older than that.

We’ve tracked down and resolved this issue for the upcoming 6.2 release.

Thanks for your patience.

Nice one, James.

It is indeed resolved when adding new movies or tv shows. But old ones are not updated automatically. Is there an easy way to force all refresh?

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