Actors in "Cast and Crew" reports only few titles

Hey there,

Running Infuse 7.4.1 on ATV 4K 2021 and Macbook both have PMS as the library source.
My library is considerably large, over 1200 Movies and 5500 TV Episodes.

When displaying an actor from the Cast and Crew, on Apple TV, I have an incomplete view.

See the following on Macbook

And here on Apple TV

As you can see, titles are missing.
This is just an example, but I have yet to find a single title where the list is fully accurate.

AFAIK the issue has always been there.
Delitting and re-adding the library from Apple TV won’t fix the issue.

Could you fix this problem?




Are the titles in separate libraries on your Plex server?

Do you have the same libraries selected on both devices (Settings > Library)?

The Apple TV and the Mac consume the same PMS. In both devices all relevant libraries are selected. In this specific example, the content is from the same library but I’ve seen mismatched contents also from different source libraries

@james are you or your team working on this topic already? Is there anything I can do to speed up the resolution process?

Are you logged in with the same Plex user on both devices?

Can you navigate to Infuse > Settings > Library on both devices to ensure Infuse has completed its scan? You can run ‘Scan for Changes’ on both devices, just to be sure.

Hey James,

I confirm that in both devices the same user is logged in and scan is in both concluded.

I forced it without any change and furthermore removing and re-adding the entire library still won’t make any difference

Any update on this topic?

Same thing happening to me after the 7.5 update. I also tried to erased and refresh metadata but same result. Lots of missing casts. Also have a large library with 4000+ movies and 10000+ Episodes. I might try to reinstall infuse but I can help trying to figure out what’s wrong if you need logs @james


@james I am having the same issue. My ATV is running and connected 24/7, so I don’t think it is time related.

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Just a thought, you may want to let it complete the fetch and then see if they are still missing.

I’ve done the scan multiple times, but the problem is still there. It was reported last summer, and it’s clearly an issue that needs to be looked at from a code standpoint.

Even after rebuilding this bug is still happening. Sad

I’ve had the same issue after the update. Source is also Plex. Apple TV 4K (Gen 1).

The release notes mentioned something about indexing cast and crew fixes so I’ve used the “Clear All Metadata” option to force a rebuild. A few hours later I checked and it was no longer an issue.

Actors are also in an odd order after the update. It used to be the leading roles were all the way to the left. Now they’re scattered in a way that might not be random but doesn’t make sense to me.

The cast and crew fixes probably have something to do with this. Mine was definitely missing some cast list and no longer in order after rebuilding my metadata. At least comparing them with using Plex cast list. Another thing, this also broke the casts and crew’s list of movies and shows showing only few items.

I have the exact same problem after latest update to 7.5 on my Apple TV4K.

After having stability and everything working for so long, it does seem like something in 7.5 broke cast & crew. I have titles missing for actors/directors when I know the missing movies are in my library.
To attempt to resolve, I went to iCloud and deleted the “Infuse Pro 6” entry, started up the Infuse 7.5.1 on MacOs, cleared all metadata and let it rebuild for the next couple of hours. It still isn’t right. Note that I do not use Plex. Standalone Infuse accessing an NFS mount to my NAS. Infuse tells me it has completed indexing.
Is anyone else still beleaguered by this problem?

PS: BTW, Infuse 7 still creates an new iCloud entry called “Infuse Pro 6”

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I cleared the Metadata on the AppleTV and the Cast and Crew are as they should be with all Library titles indexed. Seems like I need to do the same thing on MacOS again. Will report back on resuts.