Actors in "Cast and Crew" reports only few titles

Hey there,

Running Infuse 7.4.1 on ATV 4K 2021 and Macbook both have PMS as the library source.
My library is considerably large, over 1200 Movies and 5500 TV Episodes.

When displaying an actor from the Cast and Crew, on Apple TV, I have an incomplete view.

See the following on Macbook

And here on Apple TV

As you can see, titles are missing.
This is just an example, but I have yet to find a single title where the list is fully accurate.

AFAIK the issue has always been there.
Delitting and re-adding the library from Apple TV won’t fix the issue.

Could you fix this problem?



Are the titles in separate libraries on your Plex server?

Do you have the same libraries selected on both devices (Settings > Library)?

The Apple TV and the Mac consume the same PMS. In both devices all relevant libraries are selected. In this specific example, the content is from the same library but I’ve seen mismatched contents also from different source libraries

@james are you or your team working on this topic already? Is there anything I can do to speed up the resolution process?

Are you logged in with the same Plex user on both devices?

Can you navigate to Infuse > Settings > Library on both devices to ensure Infuse has completed its scan? You can run ‘Scan for Changes’ on both devices, just to be sure.

Hey James,

I confirm that in both devices the same user is logged in and scan is in both concluded.

I forced it without any change and furthermore removing and re-adding the entire library still won’t make any difference