Plex cast list issues (random order & empty search results)

The cast lists under movies and tv in my library are not in billing order. Usually, the leads are toward the end of the list or not on the list at all. For instance, Mulholland Drive doesn’t even have Naomi Watts listed. Anyone know what is going on?

I’m on the latest beta, connected to my own plex server, and this is the same across ATV, MacBook and iPhone. Cast lists are how I would expect within Plex.


Noticed this on my setup as well. Actors randomly spread out and sometimes the lead actors are all the way at the end of the list, or not even in the list at all. For instance Training Day doesn’t even have Denzel Washington listed in the cast on my Apple TV 4K and Ethan Hawke is the last entry. Within Plex things are fine for me as well, so hopefully @james @NC_Bullseye can sort this out and take a look and see what’s happening! 7.5 seems to have some bugs crawling around.

I would check to ensure Infuse has completed a full scan after installing 7.5. It’s possible you may see incomplete results until this is finished.

If needed, you can trigger a manual update in Settings > Library by tapping the Scan for Changes option.

Thanks but I’ve already done that, everything is up to date here and still see the issues with cast order. If I go to my Plex server everything is listed correctly but in Infuse mostly everything is out of order as far as cast list go.

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Same problem here and combine with this. So, I have an incomplete list of casts and they are not in proper order.

Already did a lot of Scan for Changes.

I have this same exact issue on my ATV4K ever since the most recent update v7.5. Everything is fine in my Plex library. Infuse on my Mac is v7.4.10 which is also working fine. It seems to be an issue with v7.5 because on my both my iPads running v7.5, the issue also occurs like on the ATV4K. I even uninstalled and reinstalled the app and the issue persists.

I’d assume the error has to do with the source (e.g. IMDb, TMDb). IMDb in particular seems to have no consistency in listing the cast. Look at the page for Interstellar.

Top-billed McConaughey (according to the end credits on screen) is at 2, while second- and third-billed Hathaway and Chastain are at 10 and 19(!).

If you’re an Interstellar fanatic, you can tell this is the order of appearance (not that IMDb mentions that). If you’re not, it looks crazy. Jessica Chastain, by then a two-time Oscar nominee, is well below an actor whose character (“Smith”) is never named and has no dialogue!

Having said all that, I can’t explain the stars of Training Day and Mulholland Drive not appearing at all. That’s just weird.

Edit: It looks even crazier for Babylon! At least Interstellar puts an Oscar-winner first.

In my case also since infuse was updated to version 7.5 the cast list appears chaotic and random with Plex. Babylon is a good example.

I did a fresh install of Plex and Infuse yesterday and the problem remained the same. Hope this info helps.

Hi, as the title says, cast and crew doesn’t work as it is supposed to, after latest update 7.5. Before the update I could click on any actor and get a overview over all movies in my collection with that chosen actor. I have more than 20 Sylvester Stallone movies in my collection. But when i click on the movie Rocky Balboa and then click on actor Sylvester Stallone, infuse will only show Rocky Balboa as the only movie in my collection. If i search and find another Stallone movie, let’s say Demolition Man, and then click on that movie, and then click on Sylvester Stallone in cast and crew, then the result will show me that I have two Stallone movies in my collection: Demolition Man and Rocky Balboa. In other words Infuse will only show me movies that have clicked on, none of the other 20 Stallone movies I have.
And one more thing, before the update, cast an crew info for each movie would show the lead actors listed first and supporting actors would appear later. Now random supporting players who played a bartender or a fireman in only one scene is listed first in the credits while lead actor Sylvester Stallone may be listed randomly as actor number 10. Hope you guys can fix this soon.

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Sorry for the trouble, but we are looking into this.

If you are able to send in a report after seeing this issue (and post the code here) it would be very helpful.


I’m noticing that when I look in Plex, the Cast & Crew listing starts with the main cast and then of course goes to the lesser known actors/crew when you scroll over to the right.
Since I have Infuse connected to this same Plex server, the Cast & Crew is NOT matching up at all. Within Infuse, the Cast & Crew might start with the 10th person, the 4th, the 15th, etc…none of them match up with how they start in Plex.

Any idea why this is happening??

Moved your post to a thread already running concerning this issue.

See the post just above yours from james with a request.

I am having the same issue since 7.5 - empty lists when I click on an actor.

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Today (22 March), the bad update now spoiled search by cast or director on the MacOS version, which worked before today’s update. Previous release of the 7.5 fiasco version for iOS (iPhone) and TVOS (Apple TV) a few days ago, ruined this nice feature on those devices. Despite notifying Firecore of the issue, today they released the MacOS version with the unresolved bug anyway – destroying that feature on my iMacPro and MackBook Air also. PLEASE FIX THIS. Nothing with Apple changed.

Don’t know if it’s related but this has been occurring with .nfo-sourced cast and crew details since Infuse added “support” for local override of cast and crew via nfo/xml. Firecore enabled that feature, best I could figure, by coding an entirely separate database to the one generated by scraping titles at TMDB (which still happened in the background).

The TMDB-sourced database built reliably and automatically, but remained hidden from the user unless the user did a manual cast and crew search from the search bar.

Meanwhile, the .nfo-sourced database only seemed to populate on demand, as you described; only loading data when a user first views an item’s details page. You’d click an actor you know was in at least 30 movies in your collection, and only see five or six of them.

When you searched for that actor via the search bar, you’d see two entries for them — one from the TMDB database listing all their titles, and one from the nfo-sourced database, listing only the titles you previously navigated to. There was no apparent merging of the datasets, as you’d expect, and no way to choose to use the more functional database (the one sourced from TMDB) if nfo files existed (even if you were only using them to modify movie or tv episode titles to help you manage library sorting (by title) and multiple versions and had no interest in maintaining your own cast data. :confused:


Firecore didn’t have control over the release of macOS. Apple held it up for a week. It is the same build as the iOS one.

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I don’t use nfo files.

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This has been resolved in today’s 7.5.1 update.

Thanks for your patience. :slight_smile:

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Dear James

No, this has not yet been resolved.

The Fabelmans does not even show Spielbergs picture. The same with Avatar The Way of Water, where Camerons picture is missing.

Search is also still not working, with many empty folders, many folders for one search (where there only should be one folder) and a lot of missing movies from both cast and directors (which you have on different servers).

Please fix fast.

Kind regards.

Jens, Copenhagen

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After installing 7.5.1, please run a Library update in Infuse > Settings > Library to ensure everything is up-to-date.

You can check to ensure you have 7.5.1 installed by navigating to the bottom of Infuse > Settings.