Plex and ATV Infuse - Lots Missing

As we all know the ATV Plex client is… not great. So, I bit the bullet after quite a bit of frustration and downloaded Infuse, as well as paid for a year sub for pro.

First off, everything plays perfectly. So much better than the Plex client and thus far I have had 0 issues with anything being played, including two movies that Plex refused to play for whatever reason.

That’s the good news. Now, I’ve got some concerns.

  1. Is there no way to filter your libraries so you can only show unwatched, or by genre, etc.? With the Plex client I can very easily filter my library to show exactly what I want to see. If not, this seems like a pretty big miss for fairly basic features.

  2. Is there any way to setup continue watching? When I fall asleep I set my sleep timer and let seasons of whatever tv show I’m watching play. I fall asleep, and it seems the episodes just keep playing. I tested this and turned on the tv when I woke up this morning and saw it paused in the middle of an episode a full season after the episode I started when I set the sleep timer last night.

  3. The home page of the Infuse app doesn’t seem to show anything I’ve tried to setup other than the icon that says Plex Server. I would like to be able to see my Plex libraries on the home screen, but if that’s not possible, as long as my other two concerns above can be resolved, I’m all in with Infuse. Otherwise, it seems like for anything that I have issues with playing, I should just use VLC for free, which I certainly hope is not the case.


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You may want to read through this info and see if it answers your questions. With the new direct mode things really have changed around a bit. Your personal set up will determine whether you use the new direct mode or stick with the library mode or some combination of the two.

Also there are many more additions coming to the direct mode over the next few releases so keep an eye on the upcoming features list.

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Thank you. I have read as much as I could find and especially the differences between Direct Mode and Library Mode. I am using the new Direct Mode, but I can’t find anything on the two main issues I detailed in my original post.

Your first item is answered in the second link above. First item in 7.7.4

The second item I’m not quite sure what you’re asking for. If you set the TV show to continuous play and you fall asleep it will continue to play. If you don’t want it to play episodes after you fall asleep then you need to turn continuous play off and manually start each episode.

What I meant by my second question is the Plex client does continuous play for x number of episodes and if the user has not interacted in any way, it then asks if you are still watching. If you don’t respond it returns to the selection of episodes, it doesn’t continue to play forever.

yes, and a lot of plex users don’t like that, only plex pass users have the ability to change that setting.

infuse doesn’t have a setting like this and just keeps playing unless you tell it to stop - which is the preferred way IMO.

I have to disagree with that assessment. If you think it’s the preferred way then turn that option off, but having the option to allow users to set it how they wish instead of episodes playing while you are asleep and the the tv is off, using your disks/network, is a feature that is sorely needing to be added.

you can’t unless you pay for Plex pass, the setting is hidden behind a paywall.

they don’t. once the TV powers off the ATV knows that and playback is paused.
it doesn’t just keep playing in the background. if yours is then you have your ATV configured wrong (ie you have HDMI CEC disabled)

Much like Infuse Pro, I have a lifetime Plex pass. I’m not suggesting this feature be available for free users, but for paid users it would be very nice.

As to your second point, that’s a pretty good workaround for the time being. The only issue is that the playback is paused instead of actually stopping playback, which is what I would prefer. When the ATV comes out of sleep and turns the TV back on, you are looking at a paused episode and have to go back to the episode you actually wish to start from.

So, it’s workable for now, but I still think adding this feature would be a really good idea.

You can add your support in this currently running suggestion thread requesting this feature by clicking the like button on the first post.

Thank you for the link. I liked it and added a comment. I appreciate the heads up.

Seeing as how there are quite a few people bumping that thread and 35 people liking it (for years now), I wonder if it holds any weight of actually being implemented. Guess I’ll keep my fingers crossed!

Very much looking forward to 7.7.4 so I can filter my plex libraries to show only what I actually want to see.