Apple TV ran out of space

When the new firmware for the Apple TV came out, the update apparently used so much available space that Infuse gave a warning that the data was temporarily deleted. It then rescanned everything.

I found a few edits I needed to do and everything seemed back to normal after a while. After that happened, I deleted a bunch of Apple TV apps I don’t use to free up space.

Yesterday, it happened again. Not sure if there was another Apple TV firmware update.

I take it Infuse uses a lot of available “disk space” and Apple TV confiscates it during updates???

I have the new basic Apple TV without the additional memory option

Another thing that can use a lot of RAM is the high res screen savers. These update at regular intervals so can end up consuming free RAM unexpectedly.

As itimpi said, the screen saver videos take a bunch and with tvOS 13 adding the underwater videos it may be chewing up your available space. Go to the settings menu for ATV and under general, select screen saver and then see how often you have set for downloading new video. You may want to set it to never and see if that keeps everything happy.

Anybody know what the memory/movie ratio is? I may have to start subtracting watched movies. Or buy the bigger (64GB) Apple 4K

There’s not exact size standard. Some have more metadata and I believe the artwork can vary in size also so it’s no specific space per video.

Infuse really doesn’t take that much space unless you have 10k+ items. For instance with around 2k items, it uses 300MB for me.

I had the same issue once. It were the screensavers from apple filling the available memory. Just set the Aerial screensaver to never download new videos. You will just have one Aerial screensaver, but it saves memory.

As reference I have about 1K of movies and about 6K of TV episodes and inFuse indicates a metadata size of 4GB.