Infuse 7.3.7 makes Apple TV go full?

I’m not sure that Infuse is doing something “wrong”, but here is what started to happen with Infuse 7.3.7. Something hinky is going on with available storage on my Apple TV. Installing a new app in the App Store suddenly failed, with the error message that there was not enough free storage space.

So I ran som tests:

  1. According to the app “SpaceLeft TV” there was only 100MB of free storage space.

  2. Restarted my Apple TV 4K. There was now 11GB available storage.

  3. Ran Infuse 7.3.7, and no other app, for a few of hours and available storage was down to ~100mb again.

  4. Device reboot frees up space every time, and allows me to install new apps.

Either tvOS itself or Infuse fills up all my storage, but the “Ultra-optimized streaming cache” mentioned in the Infuse release notes, sure makes me suspicious.

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