tvOS 14 or Infuse ate 13GB disk space?

32GB Apple TV 4K.

Before upgrade to tvOS 14, used disk space around 12-13GB. After upgrade it became 26GB, only 4GB free.

Checked disk space usage by 2 different apps, all gave same result.

Don’t think tvOS require so much space, so it is all used by Infuse? but why in previous versions of tvOS, disk space apps didn’t report this additional disk usage?

I can’t delete Infuse to verify, there are so many movies to re-download meta data.

Have you gone into the ATV settings under General > Usage > Manage Storage , to see what Infuse is using?

Edit to add, What does Infuse show in the Settings screen in the red block labeled Clear All Metadata ?

I had my metadata cleared after updating to tvOS 14. My guess is it is just a byproduct of that.

not many disk space used by Infuse in ATV’s settings.

in Infuse settings / clear all meta data, it said 1.5GB.

Then I’d guess that the OS update may have left some scraps around. Have you tried doing a restart on the ATV from the settings menu?

yes, restarted few times, didn’t help.

The only other thought that comes to mind is I wonder if the system update also downloaded multiple screen savers? Those things can be close to a gig in size each. I don’t think there’s a way to get rid of them either.

I think you are right.

I deleted all 3rd party apps including Infuse, didn’t reduce disk usage much.

I enabled Aerial screensaver and weekly download new video, did a count, I have 90 Aerial videos downloaded in my ATV… each video can be up to 980MB so it explains why disk space was taken, somehow in previous tvOS this disk usage isn’t reported…

Although someone said ATV only keeps 3-5GB Aerial videos at any time (how to delete unwanted downloaded screens… - Apple Community), apparently it is not true.

But I couldn’t find a way to delete those downloaded videos.

So I did a factory reset and installed back all apps, rebuild Infuse metadata cache completely (browse thru every movie title to get metadata), Infuse metadata cache remains 1.5GB, ATV disk usage is now only less than 7GB. I am happy with that.

Btw, I noticed Infuse metadata fetching has been improved a lot, very fast and accurate, I used to take 6 hours to rebuild my movie collection, but it took me less than an hour this time.

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