Download Support on Apple TV

The new ATV4K will feature up to 128gb of storage, so I would like to suggest that infuse allow users to download movies/tv for offline use directly to the Apple TV.

128gb is not a lot of storage by any means, but should definitely handle a few of your favorite episodes or movies offline.

Would be a great addition IMO!


I’m not quite sure what the benefit would be since the ATV isn’t designed as a “portable” device. The ATV seems to be the device that’s always fighting for storage space so that may cause it to also delete your downloads if the space was needed by another app.


Right, you would have to be willing to give up all downloaded videos at any point. Unfortunately, the way tvOS works it would delete all of infuse data not just downloaded videos.


Please allow offline storage on the Apple TV, so I can playback HDR mp4 4k files. (It’s 2022, there is a 128GB option)

I currently store a 10GB file (3h long, 4k, Aerials) on my Apple TV (VLC App).

The VLC App does not allow HDR playback (pink hue, color broken)

As (old) reference: Saving Media on ATV for offline viewing - #6 by Osxster

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I don’t think this is true unless you are potentially running out of storage. I’ve never had any small downloaded files deleted and I have 32gb models. My ATVs mostly run Plex, Infuse and Espn+ so each persons experience may be different.

I plan to grab the 128gb model today if I can find one locally, and download support for that size of storage definitely seems like a good idea! If my plex server is down or my computer that’s hosting the server is down, I can download an episode or movie for offline viewing later and not have to keep my computer or server running 24/7.

That’s a potential power/money saver (with many places electricity prices are going up) and very convenient if someone wanted to keep like 1-2 favorite movies or episodes available for offline viewing. Worth it if you ask me!

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I have a suggestion to be able to download tv shows and movies on apple tv using Infuse

On iOS, we can download the file to the iPhone for local playback. Possible to implement this for tvOS?

I don’t believe Apple allows that for Apple TV.

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I know this has been asked in the past but now we have Apple TV 128g model. Any plans for this. Would love this feature. Super nice on the IPhone. Thanks so much

I moved your post to a currently running request for this feature.

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