Add “Implemented” Status Tag to list of those available for Suggestion Threads

I’ve noticed that after Firecore adds a suggested feature to Infuse, @james performs some forum housecleaning by deleting the suggestion status tags (In Progress, Pending, etc.) which were formerly applied to the threads related to the features newly added or updated.

I suggest Firecore instead change those threads’ tags to Implemented — to make clear that the primary concern of the topic has been addressed (a threads’ lack of a current status tag may errantly lead visitors to the conclusion Firecore never addressed the issue, potentially in spite of robust conversation); and also, for historical and archival purposes, to highlight the moments when Firecore does indeed listen to feedback from its users and updates Infuse in response.

Perhaps future suggestees might even thereafter, by browsing thru earlier threads tagged “Implemented”, acquire insight into which sort of approaches most successfully led to their posters’ desired changes being rolled into Infuse … which might assist them best frame their future suggestions to gather the necessary community and developer support.

You can filter suggestions by “solved”. Doesn’t that work?

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I don’t see that option?

(Ah …. okay. Found it.)

I guess it does … but I don’t understand then why “Solved” isn’t its own tag? Tags show up whether you look for them or not. “Solved” (whatever that is) clearly doesn’t, since I’ve been here basically every day for nearly two years and never knew it existed. :man_shrugging:t2:

Is there a way to make it show up if your aren’t specifically browsing via Suggestions (or any other specific sub-forum)?

I think it’s kind of set up that way because if it’s solved then you don’t have to worry about it anymore, so you don’t want it in the way distracting you from the other unsolved requests