Where did the new suggestions board dissappear to?

There used to be a link to a dedicated suggestions page where you could upvote ideas that the community that would make a better product. It seems that since the roadmap was pinned at the top of this thread, the other suggestions page has disappeared.

Do we add our “most wanted” in this forum in place of the other board?

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We had problems managing spam in the other area, plus it started to be confusing having 2 areas that were basically the same thing - so we’ve moved the suggestions back to the forum.

An up vote feature is available here now as well, so you can still vote on things you’d like to see added. :wink:

thanks James for the quick response. Makes sense.

But it seems this is now a bit confusing…
All the previous votes are gone, you cannot see if a feature is “planned” or “in progress”…

Maybe it would help to mark the threats as “planned”, “in progress”, “completed” and make subfolders and move the completed things ??

Thread tags (solved, planned, completed, etc…) are in progress. :wink:

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