New posts in Infuse Suggestion forum no longer displayed first

For the last week or two, new replies to existing messages in the Infuse Suggestions sub-forum are no longer displayed at the top of the list of postings. Instead the postings appear to be sorted on the date of the 1st posting in the thread, rather than the last posting.

This make it difficult to find the new postings because they can be many pages back if the 1st posting in the thread was some time ago.

Firecore has changed the sort order of the suggestions forum from new posts to “most likes”. That was done in order to get an idea of which suggestions are the most prominent among users and display those in a ranked order.

My guess after watching the posts for a while is that many users tend not to look past the first page in a forum and some don’t even look past the first few posts so we end up with several duplicate posts with the same suggestions. Firecore recently added the “Search” function to the top of every forum page but some users don’t use it before adding a suggestion.

This also lets the suggestions that don’t have much appeal to users to drop down the order. It takes a bit of getting used to but it will let users see what others are requesting most.

Once users start using the search function more and the duplicates decline it will hone the suggestions at the top.

This sorting change means that we really need a “Read New Posts” button so we can easily find them. The change to sort order means that new ones will never appear on the first page so will not receive votes as they will not be found by regular visitors to the forum.

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You’re preaching to the choir. :wink: