There are no items to playback

I have an atv2 jail broken, and have at flash 1. 6 installed. Im able to connect to my NAS. But when I navigate to my files and select my share drive it says there’s no items to playback. . I have close to 200 movies in mp4 format on this drive. I had this drive connected to my pc before and I was able to view all my movies via iTunes. Plaes let me know what I can do. Thanks.

Are you using a username and password to connect to your PC? If not, the Apple TV will attempt to connect as a guest which may limit the files you’re able to see.

it’s not on a pc. The hard drive is a network attached storage drive. Atv sees the drive in my files. It just doesn’t see any files. Also there’s no username and password to access the drive.

Anyone have some ideas? Thanks.

Ah, sorry about that. The procedure for streaming from a NAS will be very similar.

Are you streaming via AFP, NFS, or SMB?

Smb. It’s the only option that would let tha ATV see the hard drive.

Unfortunately one of the limitations with SMB on the Apple TV is guest access is not supported. Your best option would be to enable a username/password on your NAS, and enter those login details on the Apple TV when setting up the share.

Okay I will try that. Thanks for the suggestion. I will let you know how it goes.

Hi James,


I am having almost the same issue and don’t recall having it long ago but now it persists:

I am using the latest or 2nd latest ATV Flash Black with the iOS that has the new UI

I connect my NAS external hard drive to my airport extreme over USB then setup my Airport to share the disk with user name and password. 

I enter the user name and password into the media>add share>AirPort> username and password of ATV Flash Black connection passes test

I see the disk and all of its partitions but when I click on my movie folder it says “there are no items to playback” 

This problem does not occur on my MBP it works fine to stream to ATV, I have also tried setting AirPort to share with device password but no go.

Any ideas?

Same problem here. Been having a few memory issues recently which require my unplugging the ATV. This last time all of my drives and files have gone - just get the message that

“there are no items to playback”

I have not changed any setting on the Airport Extreme, or the ATV. Any suggestions?