There are no items for playback?


I just downloaded the newest season pass and ATV flash (black) 1.5 for my ATV2
Installation and everything worked great but when i add my NAS as before and want to view its content with Mediaplayer, it says "there are no items for playback"?? All files are there and i can see them from my Mac and PC but not via Mediaplayer? All worked excellent before the update, what am i doing wrong? Anyone else with this problem or someone who has a fix for it?? My NAS is a Dlink DNS-320, also updated the firmware on that, but its not the NAS that is the problem.

Please help!

Wierd, i just downloaded the settings i saved in the cloude before the update and now everything works?
All folders are there as before, and when i now go in on the NAS volyme, all items are there??
Nice as hell that it works again, but i don`t know why?